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The block chain financial integrated service platform in Baoding City, Hebei Province was launched

Time : 30/11/2021 Author : ra38sc Click : + -
        Hebei News Network (Hebei Daily reporter linfengbin, Li Liancheng correspondent Ma Wei) on March 15, Baoding development and Reform Commission, together with industrial and Commercial Bank of China Baoding Branch and Hebei Institute of finance, took the lead to build a financial matchmaking service platform — based on government big data and through blockchain technology& mdash; Baoding urban block chain financial integrated service platform was officially launched. It is reported that the introduction of investment and financing parties to the platform can effectively solve the problems of asymmetric information between banks and enterprises and the difficulty and high cost of financing of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, and open up a new mode of financial ecological construction of government, enterprises and banks. The platform has a unified portal. Users of small and medium-sized enterprises can register and log in at the portal. Users of cooperative institutions can create business operation users through the government side and assign corresponding permissions to use the platform services.
        It uses blockchain technology as the base of the underlying database, integrates the business data information of various departments on the government side, supports the docking with the existing government big data resource center, and has the functions of data collection, data verification, data cleaning, data conversion, data compensation, data storage, data chaining, data functions and so on. The platform has access to multiple banking institutions at the same time, and enterprises can choose more suitable banks for cooperation according to their needs; Government data can be used to increase the credit of enterprises, provide online one click application, legal person authorization, and connect multi-dimensional enterprise related data. Online financing application, financing acceptance, financing matching and other processes can be realized, making the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises more convenient and efficient.
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