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2022 Digital China innovation competition blockchain circuit finals award ceremony held,Significance of blockchain Technology

Time : 21/03/2022 Author : m58ydu Click : + -
        Fuzhou, July 26, CNR news on July 24, during the fifth digital China Construction Summit, the 2022 Digital China innovation competition blockchain track finals roadshow and award ceremony were held in Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center. Lei Chengcai, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Fuzhou Municipal People's Congress and first-class inspector, Zhang Li, President of China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, and Chen tongcai, deputy director of the office of Fujian Digital Fujian construction leading group, attended the finals and delivered a speech. After fierce competition, Xiamen Chain Construction Technology Co., Ltd. won the third prize for its entry "blockchain + industrial collaborative innovation, full link digital solution for infrastructure engineering industry" by virtue of its in-depth exploration of blockchain enabled infrastructure engineering industry, technological innovation advantages, landing applications and other fields.
        The company independently developed the blockchain digital base "Luban chain", which is integrated with the traditional infrastructure engineering industry to create a "blockchain trusted engineering platform". The platform uses the "Luban chain" technology to gather all participants of the engineering construction project into the multi-party collaborative digital platform of the blockchain trusted engineering platform, realize the online real-time information interaction mode, and help all parties realize real-time information interaction and management decision-making; The digital supply chain network enabled by blockchain technology can establish a traceable supply chain system, realize the coordination of the whole procurement line, ensure the quality of supply and service, and maintain fast and efficient supply. When commenting on the entries, Dr. Yan Yang, a researcher of the digital governance and digital economy research center of Renmin University of China and a member of the academic committee of Shenzhen big data Research Institute of the National Information Center, mentioned that blockchain is an important breakthrough in China's core technology independent innovation, which plays an important role and strategic significance in promoting the high-quality development of China's digital economy.
        At present, the state attaches great importance to the development of the blockchain industry, and more than 60 policies related to blockchain have been issued by various ministries and commissions. Blockchain has not only been written into the outline of the 14th five year plan, but also all departments are actively exploring the development direction of blockchain and comprehensively promoting the development of blockchain technology empowerment in all fields. According to Yu Yongkuan, chairman of Xiamen LianJian Technology Co., Ltd., the "Luban chain" developed by the company has successfully passed the audit and filing of the Internet information office. Through the integrated application of blockchain and infrastructure engineering industry, the platform realizes resource integration, full link collaborative development, full life cycle management, and whole process traceability, speeds up data circulation, precipitates data assets, helps industrial digital transformation, and promotes smart connect of all things.
        In the future, chain construction technology will adhere to improving the innovative application ability of blockchain, inject new connotation into the construction of digital city and digital China, and improve new results. In order to actively respond to national policies, 2022 Digital China innovation competition · The blockchain track comprehensively focuses on the technical support role of blockchain in improving the quality and efficiency of the real economy, innovating the digital economy model, and improving social governance capabilities. The competition was hosted by the Organizing Committee of the digital China Construction Summit, and organized by the Fujian Digital Fujian Construction Leading Group Office, the Fujian Provincial Department of industry and information technology, the Fuzhou Municipal People's government, the China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, and the digital China Research Institute (Fujian).
        On the 24th, during the 5th Digital China Construction Summit, the 2022 Digital China innovation competition blockchain track finals roadshow and award ceremony were held at Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center.
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