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Unparalleled technology layout blockchain, will initiate the establishment of research institutes and industrial funds

Time : 26/11/2021 Author : igejk9 Click : + -
        Chinanews Jingwei client, May 14 - on May 10, 2018, Beijing unparalleled Technology Co., Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of halo Xinwang 300383) released the white paper version 1.0 of cloud blockchain. The white paper shows that at present, cloudblockchain includes seven core application scenarios: digital assets, supply chain finance, supply chain traceability, crowdfunding notarization, advertising, health care and government applications. Through the independent selection of application scenarios, enterprise users can realize the blockchain application of "one click deployment, fast chaining and real-time monitoring", and solve the cost problems, trust problems, efficiency problems and security problems that enterprises worry about.
        Beijing unparalleled Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Silicon Valley in the United States in 2008. In the past 10 years, unparalleled technology has been deeply rooted in the big data oriented SaaS marketing service system and has become the largest provider of related solutions in the industry. Its parent company, Beijing Guanghuan Xinwang Technology Co., Ltd., is an industry-leading Internet integrated service provider and a leading IDC enterprise in China. Its main business is Internet data center services (IDC and its value-added services), cloud computing services, Internet broadband access services (ISP) and other Internet integrated services. It is one of the most influential Internet and cloud computing enterprises in China. "It's no accident that we are prepared for blockchain.
        ”Feng Tianfang, CEO of unparalleled technology, said frankly that the idea of cloud block originates from the forward-looking consideration and high-quality technology development strength of the team. The unparalleled technology team has been paying attention to and studying the application of blockchain technology since 2016. On the basis of a large number of market research, case tracking and feasibility evaluation, it has been two years since the core R & D strength was invested in the development of the project. Unparalleled technology blockchain Research Institute is a blockchain technology research institution initiated by unparalleled technology and Beiyou online group. The Institute promotes the vigorous development of blockchain industry through scientific research and technological innovation. Adhering to the principle of "scientific research, sharing, innovation and improvement", it is committed to accelerating the popularization and application of blockchain Technology in China and building a benign ecological environment for the healthy development of blockchain, Achieve the goal of "truly making blockchain serve the real economy".
        Beijing post online group is an education and network technology company subordinate to Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications. Founded in 2000, relying on the relevant resources of Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, Beijing post online has become a leading service provider of network education and training, software and hardware development of education technology, and mobile Internet solutions in China. It is also an important training base for communication and information technology talents in China. Unparalleled technology and Guocai financial holding plan to jointly establish a blockchain investment fund, which means that entrepreneurs have changed from relying on digital currency financing to relying on the power of capital to promote the development of blockchain technology, which is a great help for the incubation and growth of innovative projects. The fund will implement the dual GP management mode. As an important driving force for the development of blockchain technology, capital, with the help of blockchain fund, will attract more and more talents, enterprises and new technologies, make breakthroughs in global competition, and form the future "blockchain economy".
        "The establishment of blockchain industry fund is to increase industrial support, attract more high-quality talents, and help the healthy development of blockchain business. The industry fund will focus on the application direction of blockchain scenarios. In the future, we will join more high-quality resources." When talking about the industrial fund, Feng Tianfang said that the fund will adhere to the principle of "value, empowerment and win-win", create a more efficient and standardized blockchain project investment system, and achieve the goal of "truly making blockchain serve the real economy". (Zhongxin Jingwei APP).
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