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Blockchain patents in China rank first in the world and have been applied in many fields

Time : 15/02/2022 Author : qdf2rh Click : + -
        Blockchain patents in China rank first in the world and have been applied in many fields. After nearly 12 years of development, in the process of continuous iteration and upgrading of technology, blockchain technology and application innovation have been continuously accepted and recognized by the public, and gradually entered the process of application and landing in all directions of the real economy and industry. At present, blockchain has become a new hotspot of international competition, and China has also raised blockchain to a national strategic height. With the positive support of the "new infrastructure" and the "14th five year plan", the application and integration innovation of the blockchain industry will accelerate the implementation and boost the development of China's digital economy. In the era of digital economy and sharing economy, blockchain is useful in industrial digitalization and digital industrialization.
        The first international standard of financial blockchain &mdash& mdash; The application guide of financial distributed ledger technology has also been successfully approved by the International Telecommunication Union. This has contributed Chinese solutions and wisdom to the formulation of international standards and rules for blockchain. The blockchain traceability Application guide puts forward that at this stage, blockchain traceability is an important application scenario from the application level, including product traceability, commodity anti-counterfeiting, government regulation and equipment management. At present, China Communications Standardization Association is organizing China Academy of communications and communications and other units to jointly accelerate the formulation of more than 10 industry standards and group standards, such as the general technical requirements of blockchain, to provide standard support for the sustainable and healthy development of the industry.
        The white paper on blockchain innovation and intellectual property development (2020) also shows that China has issued 33 blockchain group standards and 2 industry standards in the fields of communication and finance. Blockchain can also ensure the security of digital asset transactions and depository services, because the essence of blockchain is a secure, transparent, distributed transaction verification and digital account system. In terms of blockchain standards research, the New Area Studies and formulates standards such as blockchain data collaboration and blockchain application security to provide guidance for blockchain technology innovation and application innovation. Blockchain technology can enable the construction of new credit system and governance, scale the trust between people and the world, and establish a new credit system through digital identity authentication.
        Promote data sharing, optimize business processes, and improve collaboration efficiency. The new area dares to be a pilot field for blockchain application, and tries first. Like the urban operating system, blockchain, as the infrastructure of smart city, is embedded in every link and corner of the construction and development of digital xiongan. Xiong'an new area will fully enable the development of digital economy with the full integration and sharing of blockchain driven data as the core. Break the data barrier at the source, use blockchain technology to deeply mine the data sharing mode, comprehensively realize the joint maintenance and utilization of data across departments and regions, and bring better service experience to the people. The mainstream scenarios of blockchain application are in the fields of government affairs, judicial deposit, intellectual property, supply chain and supply chain finance.
        For example, in promoting the construction of "digital Twin Cities", we can use the Internet of things to build the information model of the city, and then use blockchain to manage the city, so as to realize one-to-one interactive communication with real cities and intelligently control the city on the network. The key to realizing the industrialization of blockchain lies in how to form a reproducible profit effect. At present, the government and other institutions take the lead in promoting the implementation of blockchain demonstration projects, which will promote the development of the entire industry. The development of blockchain industry is inseparable from the improvement of underlying infrastructure and the cooperation of artificial intelligence, big data, multi-party security computing and other technologies.
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