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Blockchain patents,The general office of the provincial government issued the master plan for blockchain development

Time : 24/06/2021 Author : lp9wq7 Click : + -
        Recently, the general office of the provincial government issued the "master plan for the development of blockchain in Hunan Province (2020-2025)", focusing on five key areas, including promoting independent innovation of blockchain technology, cultivating blockchain industrial ecology, enabling the development of the real economy of blockchain, innovating social governance models, and improving the level of blockchain security supervision, from the four aspects of macro goals, specific tasks, key projects, and implementation guarantees, and put forward 18 tasks There are 20 projects and 88 specific projects, and the division of responsibilities is made for each project. The plan proposes that by 2022, the number of blockchain patents in the province will rank eighth in the country, create more than three national and provincial blockchain industrial innovation demonstration zones and three national innovation platforms, cultivate and form 10 strong and domestic leading enterprises, with 100 enterprises above Designated Size and a main business income of 10billion yuan.
        By 2025, the number of blockchain patents in the province will rank fifth in the country, create more than five national and provincial blockchain industrial innovation demonstration zones and five national innovation platforms, cultivate and form more than 20 domestic leading blockchain enterprises with strong strength, and more than 200 blockchain service providers with leading technology and mode, with a main business income of 50 billion yuan. The innovation ability of blockchain has initially appeared. In 2019, there were 145 blockchain patents in Hunan Province, ranking 11th nationwide. At present, our province has Hunan National Applied Mathematics center, Hunan Xiaoxiang big data research institute, blockchain academician workstation, Tianhe blockchain Research Institute, Hexin blockchain Research Institute and other innovative platforms; The national Internet Emergency Center, Changsha Economic Development Zone and relevant enterprises jointly established the blockchain security technology testing center; Six provincial and local standards for blockchain security technology evaluation have been issued, and Hunan blockchain Association and Hunan blockchain and Distributed Accounting Technology Standardization Technical Committee have been prepared.
        The "evonature" international public chain prototype system developed by the National University of Defense Technology proposes a "one CPU one ticket" achievement proof algorithm, a hierarchical consensus proof public chain architecture based on cloud computing, and a blockchain secondary identity structure combining anonymous identity and real name identity. The enterprise product MT is a blockchain basic platform integrating domestic software and hardware, and Shanghai Shutu conflux public chain system is located in Changsha. Project application scenarios are gradually increasing. Hunan Province has blockchain application scenarios and projects in e-government, credit investigation, arbitration, digital asset trading, cultural and creative copyright, data storage, data sharing, industrial Internet and other fields.
        Tianhe chain control — The industrial Internet Security cloud platform helped industrial enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, won the third prize of the first China Industrial Internet competition in 2019, and was widely used in more than 40 manufacturing enterprises. Hunan smart government blockchain company issued the country's first real estate blockchain electronic voucher. The German smart chain "chain enterprise bank platform" project was selected into the excellent scheme of China Mobile blockchain war epidemic activities and the excellent case of people's network helping to resume production. The trend of agglomeration development has emerged. Hunan blockchain industry is concentrated in Changsha blockchain Industrial Park, Xingsha blockchain Industrial Park and Loudi blockchain Industrial Park, with 50, 50 and 16 enterprises respectively.
        Changsha high tech Zone has built a professional blockchain industry carrier with an area of 13000 square meters in building 12 of Xincheng science and Technology Park Phase II, and issued several policies of Changsha high tech Zone to promote the development of blockchain industry. Xingsha blockchain Industrial Park signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Sany group and Shugen Internet, and plans to build a blockchain industrial center covering an area of 120 mu with Sany cloud Valley as the carrier. Hunan smart government, Hunan chain city digital technology and other blockchain enterprises have settled in Loudi blockchain Industrial Park. The Loudi real estate blockchain information sharing platform has completed the data sharing with the municipal real estate registration center, real estate bureau, provident fund center, banks and other institutions.
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