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Xuzhou procurator: skillfully use "big data + blockchain" to solve the management problems of criminals

Time : 06/08/2021 Author : tsd24b Click : + -
        Since the beginning of 2021, Xuzhou procuratorial organs have explored the technology of "cloud inspection intelligent chain - cloud supervision and management (guarantee) of non detained personnel", and used big data plus "blockchain" to solve the management problems of non detained suspect, improve the quality and efficiency of legal supervision, and also make outstanding contributions to epidemic prevention and control. On May 25th, 2022, "Yunjian intelligent chain" obtained the computer software copyright registration certificate from the national copyright administration. Wang xuqi, procurator general of Xuzhou people's Procuratorate, believes that the "cloud inspection intelligent chain" has changed manual supervision into data supervision, post event supervision into process supervision, and extensive supervision into accurate supervision, which has greatly improved the quality of legal supervision. At the same time, "blockchain" technology has a high degree of security, which is more suitable for promotion and use in judicial work.
        During the epidemic in 2020, the case handling procedure of "Yunlong wechat procuratorial" developed by Xuzhou Yunlong District procuratorate relying on wechat applet was highly praised for its outstanding performance in improving efficiency, standardizing justice and preventing and controlling the epidemic. It was promoted by Xuzhou procuratorate and won the excellent innovation achievement award of political and legal work in the whole province. On December 31, 2020, the hospital was determined by the Jiangsu Provincial procuratorate as the grass-roots pilot procuratorate to carry out the work of "effective path to reduce the detention rate and quantitative assessment of social risks". This pilot relies on "Yunlong micro inspection" to develop a non detainee supervision and management module, referred to as "cloud inspection intelligent chain".
        After nearly a year and a half of research and development and operation, the function of "cloud inspection intelligent chain" continues to expand, and the performance is increasingly stable. At present, it has been widely used by the judicial organs in the main urban area of Xuzhou. "Non custodial persons directly register ‘ cloud detection intelligent chain ’ through a mobile applet. After successful registration, supervisors can effectively supervise online." Yuan Huan, deputy director of the first procuratorial department of the hospital, said, "supervisors can set up electronic fences to limit the range of activities of non detainees, and non detainees can also use regular online clocking to replace offline reporting, which effectively saves time and cost. In addition, through the conversation education sector, we can not only carry out education, but also do video forensics and material transmission.
        The interaction between prosecutors and police can be achieved by one click. Problems found can be handled in a timely and effective manner. At the same time, it can also supervise whether public security personnel carry out supervision in accordance with regulations. ". In addition, if the non custodial personnel do not carry mobile phones and the location information remains unchanged for a long time, the system will actively send an early warning message to the supervisor. The supervisor can immediately use the location sampling function to require the non custodial personnel to punch in through face recognition, effectively preventing the problem of man-machine separation. In the wechat applet "cloud detection intelligence chain", prosecutors, police officers, non detainees and other different roles have their own permissions. After opening the prosecutor's interface, there are eight modules, including out reporting, conversation education, location sampling, prosecutor police interaction, personnel dynamics, laws and regulations.
        Prosecutors can review the reports of police violations through the "situation reflection" module, and supervise the performance of police duties such as online frequency and approval efficiency through visual analysis, so as to comprehensively supervise and standardize the supervision links. "The most important thing in cloud justice is security. We use blockchain technology, and the biggest advantage of blockchain technology is security." Guo Qiang, deputy director of the sixth procuratorial department of the hospital, said. At the beginning of 2022, through automatic analysis, the "cloud detection intelligence chain" found that a suspect Liu, who was on bail pending trial, appeared in the home of the accomplice Xun for three times. The system automatically pushes it to the case handling prosecutor, who carries out "online conversation" with them to prevent the accomplice from colluding in confessions and ensure the normal progress of criminal proceedings.
        Xu Yong, a policeman from the public transport security branch of Xuzhou public security bureau, said, "due to the requirement of reducing the detention rate, we have considered wearing electronic handcuffs or electronic foot rings for non detainees in the past. But these are all tangible objects after all, which makes non detainees feel discriminated against. In addition, electronic handcuffs have a single function and high cost, which can not meet the needs of daily litigation. In this way, the advantages of cloud detection intelligence chain are highlighted.". From March 30 to mid April this year, due to the outbreak of the epidemic, Xuzhou pressed the "pause button", but the supervision of the guarantor pending trial cannot be stopped. Yunlong District Procuratorate, through the "cloud inspection intelligence chain", conducted online electronic supervision on 35 local and foreign suspect pending trial on bail, and received 65 reports from supervised persons, effectively ensuring the smooth development of procuratorial work.
        Li Wei, director of the fourth procuratorial department of Xuzhou Procuratorate, is particularly concerned about the survival of the enterprises involved. She said that Chen, the person in charge of an enterprise, was put on criminal record because of a tax related case. Considering that the enterprise was still in normal production and operation, the public security organ granted him a guarantor pending trial, and supervised him through the "cloud inspection intelligence chain". Because there is no need to wear obvious physical equipment, Chen can work normally, and business negotiations and business operations are as usual. The supervision on the use of cloud inspection intelligent chain by enterprise related personnel has helped the normal operation of enterprises. At present, Yunjian intelligent chain has conducted electronic supervision on 197 suspect, received informants times, created chat lines, and there was no case of out of control.
        (Tang Ying, Li Chunli).
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