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The United Nations recommends ant financial technology to the world, which can finance small enterprises through blockchain technology without contact

Time : 10/01/2022 Author : tk8l0c Click : + -
        The latest report of the digital finance working group of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals released recently shows that using digital finance to deal with the crisis has become a new global upsurge and achieved good results. The report also specifically mentioned the application of Alipay blockchain technology in digital finance. According to the report, the supply chain finance platform "ant double link" developed by ant financial based on blockchain said that it made good use of financial technology and played an important role in alleviating problems such as tight capital flow and difficult financing during the epidemic of small and medium-sized enterprises. The report points out that in the face of the dual health and economic crisis, the United Nations has seen and praised the efforts made by some organizations and individuals to protect their families and support their communities.
        "In the covid-19 crisis, digital technology has become the lifeline of hundreds of millions of people." The report emphasizes that if you are excluded from the digital world, the adverse impact will be greater. For example, more and more governments rely on digital payment infrastructure when distributing relief funds. More digital finance projects have also played a role in the epidemic. The report points out that ant financial has developed a blockchain based supply chain financial platform ant double link, which supports small and medium-sized enterprise suppliers to use accounts receivable from large enterprises to apply for loans from banks to help them cope with the tight financial situation during the novel coronavirus epidemic. In addition, DBS' contactless financial services and Kenya's mobile payment service M-PESA reducing transaction fees are also positive applications of digital finance under the epidemic.
        It is understood that ant double link is a typical application of financial technology. It uses blockchain Distributed Accounting and tamper proof technical features to make credit transmitted in the whole business system. In short, small and micro enterprises in the supply chain can apply for loans from cooperative banks with the "ious" of upstream core enterprises, that is, the "voucher receivable". During the epidemic in 2020, 1919 alcohol direct supply, the core enterprise on ant blockchain, has provided nearly 100million capital flow to small and micro enterprises in the supply chain through this mode. "Herald spring" for economic recovery. The United Nations digital finance working group for sustainable development is one of the global working groups of the United Nations. It plans to use the power of financial technology to promote the achievement of the sustainable development goals (sdgs).
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