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The biggest consensus of blockchain is to make money

Time : 29/08/2021 Author : jpmw9n Click : + -
        After all, people's life is too monotonous. In addition to making money and spending money, there is hardly a reassuring belief to carry the meaning of life for decades. Will blockchain become the navigation of human true faith? No, at least we can't feel it from the current ordinary people, including many elites. Making money has become the biggest consensus of blockchain, which is in line with the three attributes of blockchain: multi-party collaboration, asymmetric value and easy digitization. Because few people earn incremental money, mostly through multi-party cooperation, and transfer the existing money again in an ecosystem. When the current technology fails to bring profits, every point of sudden wealth in the blockchain is all about the second harvest of the existing wealth, especially the asymmetry of blockchain value cognition, which has become a sharp tool for wealth harvest. More skillfully, every behavior, equity Items and so on have all become tiny wealth measures, which are presented in the form of data in the wealth book.
        The world is bright, all for Lilai; The world is bustling, all for benefit. Reality has repeatedly told us that the commercial counter attack is a battle for wealth. They are all trying to use foam and beer to ransack users' pockets in turns, but in the posture of ransacking, some are slightly ecstatic, and some are too naked. Compared with the blockchain world model, the whole blockchain circle is still in two extreme states: those who do not know the truth of technology advocate revolution with consensus to seek cognitive dividends; Those who know the truth of technology, strive to get ahead, and expect to take the lead in 40000 projects and become bat in the blockchain era. This exciting sense of achievement is attracting countless people to join the ranks of World War I fame.
        But it is particularly regrettable that after reviewing all projects, especially the poor performance in the economic system, we can basically judge that the people who can really dominate the blockchain circle have not yet appeared. The surge in wealth is certainly gratifying, but who can plan strategies like a generation of emperors and help the world at the same time? This requires the stomach and wisdom after hardening, so that we can get lucky. When I open my mouth and close my mouth, have I ever wondered whether I have an enviable personality in my daily life?. Among the people in the blockchain siege, 20% made 80% of the money. This place is not jubilant, but full of cunning. Only those who are devoured are sure that there will be those who enter the site to pay, and they are willing to believe that scars will become military medals to win.
        And the people outside the siege are no longer panic, because this wall is actually a weak Maginot defense line. For smart masters, they can take advantage of the convenience of the real world to enter the top of the siege around the wall, while the weak continue to fall to the end of the food chain because of lack of cognition and chips. The data storage of blockchain is distributed, but the distribution of wealth is always centralized, which has never changed. Wealth is right, but wealth sharing is a myth, and "communism + private sharing" is the inner reflection of countless people. In addition, wealth, as a holy thing, is a combination of justice and evil, and a heaven reliant sword that most people can't play with. Therefore, some people use money to destroy the world, and some people use money to save the world.
        There are too many people who can make money, and too few people who can pay money. In my opinion, the art of money sharing is much more difficult than blockchain technology. Technology is a phased problem, and money sharing is a long-term topic in human history, which is also the significance of economics. Blockchain can't be solved by a person with lofty ideals. Just like the rise of the Three Kingdoms period, the flow of talents is much more frequent than the change of territory. The act of issuing and scattering money has certainly spawned a consensus to make money, but in order to expand the commercial territory, a group of people with great virtue and talents must come forward and shoulder the body of trust before the technology is implemented. These people must be bold, resourceful, resourceful, and courageous. This is not so much a new technological revolution as a talent rally that shows intelligence and emotional intelligence.
        There are very few generals who can really shoulder the great responsibility of the times, even those who destroy cities and pull out strongholds and pride themselves in the Jianghu. Everyone is more clever in setting up technical items to make money. The community is becoming the carrier of blockchain consensus, but at present, the blockchain community seems vast and powerful, but few people really know the ancient and modern times and understand the essence and laws of economy. Such a community composition can not stand the slightest disturbance of policy and price, and even a little dissent will tear the community apart. Houses poured with money are the most fragile buildings, because the most essential attribute of money is liquidity. Since ancient times, "money gathers people and scatters". The centralized flow of money in the blockchain world is bound to make the seemingly lively end up unhappily. Even wearing fancy consensus heart protective clothes, it is difficult to hide a rusty heart to make money.
        There will be a process to advance the blockchain consensus. In the current flood and famine period, making money based on cognition and circles still belongs to the consensus 1.0 stage. Fortunately, its size is not enough to affect the overall situation of the overall world economic structure, and the cost of supervision and policy intervention is low. In this large community, blockchain needs the intervention of more parties, especially the government with service functions, which cannot be absent, And people in the community should not act like frightened birds, independent of the world. A lively blockchain community is not a forest. At most, it is a bird's nest on a few trees, chirping for food. Even if there is a tertiary wind, everyone will be scattered.
        If you really want to dream of building a forest, you should bravely go down the trees, dig ditches, and draw water into the river. Facing the blockchain community condensed by making money at present, I thought of a familiar mathematical problem: there are 10 birds in the tree, the hunter killed one with a gun, and how many are there on the tree?.
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