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"Molian technology" Tang Min: business innovation of Internet of things + blockchain enabling trusted data

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        At the 5g virtual operation forum of the conference, Tang Min, vpecosystem of Molian technology, delivered a wonderful keynote speech titled "Internet of things + blockchain, business innovation enabling trusted data!"!. Molian focuses on the innovative integration of the Internet of things and blockchain. Tang Min said: "In the past three years, Leo took us to build a ship and invited more than 100 ecological partners at home and abroad to explore the commercial innovation of the opening and exchange of data value of the Internet of things. We said that today, human beings are experiencing the digital migration, and the physical and social distance between us has increased significantly, but in the digital world, our connections are becoming closer and closer. In this process, 5g, the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, which used to be sunny and snowy, have begun to grow Show your strength.
        ”。 According to the prediction of authoritative institutions, the total scale of 5g digital economy will reach US $12.3 trillion by 2035. Tang Min pointed out that the core is that the world is facing a huge change involving the whole industry and economy, and the era of interconnection of everything has come. The demographic dividend that has driven the development of the Internet economy in the past two decades has bottomed out. In the 5g era of Internet of things, the number of connections of things will be much higher than that of people, and the Internet of things has become the main contributor to massive data. Tang Min pointed out that the new technologies in the next decade stem from the "combinatorial evolution" of existing technologies. According to China's policy planning, the period from 2021 to 2025 corresponds to the start and end of the 14th five year plan. The 14th five year plan emphasizes that we should accelerate the construction of a digital economy and guide the whole society's resources to play a role around data. Among them, the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and blockchain are inseparable. They are comprehensively applied to complex business scenarios, presenting exponential combination opportunities, In the future, there will be new applications with explosive growth and new business models based on data.
        Among them, the Internet of things technology is responsible for data collection. The main scenes of 5g, such as smart city, smart transportation, smart medicine, smart elderly care, rely on various types of Internet of things devices to continuously collect data and upload it to various Internet of things management platforms in real time. Then, the artificial intelligence technology in the cloud analyzes massive data and further excavates the value of data. Tang Min said that blockchain is also becoming increasingly important in the digital economy. As a key technology of the next generation of financial infrastructure, its value is to realize the reliable exchange and transaction of data. The Internet of things has been collecting data, so where did the data go after that? Tang Min explained that the data of IOT devices are often uploaded to the cloud centralized management platform in real time for storage, which is data on the cloud.
        Tang Min said, "in the past four years, many traditional Internet of things projects, such as bike sharing, smart home, Internet of vehicles, etc., have focused on solving the problem of data collection on the cloud, and there is little discussion about data opening and exchange. In fact, only by opening and exchanging data to more external customers and generating new revenue, can we realize the business closed loop of positive cash flow.". The combination of Internet of things technology and blockchain technology is an inevitable choice to realize business closed-loop in the digital economy. The most important thing for blockchain technology to ensure the openness and exchange of IOT data is data credibility; Tang Min said that the trusted generation, safe storage and use of data from the source of Internet of things devices, as well as the flow and exchange based on blockchain and privacy computing, need to always have: uniqueness, tamperability, privacy protection, which are the three attributes around the entire life cycle of Internet of things data, and also the trust foundation supporting the entire Internet of things digital economy.
        Tang Min said, "while the data is on the cloud, the signature results are linked in real time, which solves the problem of trust from the data source, ensures the three attributes of the data to the greatest extent from the initial stage of the data life cycle, and builds a trusted data base in the 5g Era.". How to empower blockchain capabilities to fragmented IOT devices? Compared with the Internet, the biggest difference between the Internet of things and the Internet is super fragmented. 5g rich application scenarios include a variety of IOT devices (water meters, electricity meters, gateways, cameras, VR eyes, etc.), and there are more than 500 commercial 5g terminals in the world. Tang Min pointed out that a universal carrier must be found to support blockchain capabilities.
        Mobile phones are the main entrance for us to enter the mobile Internet. In the era of the Internet of things, 5g terminals realize the independent Internet access of devices through built-in chips and modules. IOT chips and modules are the mobile phones of IOT robots. IOT module is a market segment that 5g operators are very familiar with. The annual delivery volume of modules has increased steadily. The top ten manufacturers ranked relatively stable and the market share reached 90%, while domestic module manufacturers reached as high as 70%. This is a particularly good starting point, which can help enterprises autonomously and controllably empower massive fragmented IOT devices from the upstream of the production chain. Therefore, Tang Min believes that the IOT module supporting blockchain capabilities is an ideal entry for blockchain applications.
        Tang Min said that while constantly consolidating its ecological advantages of modules, Molian also takes modules as its starting point, actively expanding upward and downward, and building a comprehensive IOT + blockchain ecosystem. Molian technology chose to work from top to bottom, starting from the top of the industrial chain and the chip infrastructure, and has conducted direct cooperation with arm and risc-v in terms of international standards, industry standards and group standards. At present, the boat blockchain application framework is also directly transplanted into the chip, and better combined with hardware security technologies such as rot root trust and tee. Tang Min said, "in the market, Molian technology has cooperated with many enterprises to create many industry achievements. At the same time, it has commercial cooperation at home and abroad. In terms of standard formulation, Molian technology has also been actively speaking.
        ”。 To realize the rapid transformation of the device blockchain, in addition to the built-in boat blockchain module on the end side to carry the relevant functions of the Internet of things device data uplink; Tang Min said that Molian technology officially released an end-to-end IOT + blockchain open capability platform &mdash& mdash; Boat+platone IOT data enabling platform outputs standardized API interfaces to traditional IOT business platforms. On the one hand, it provides platone alliance chain data storage services, and on the other hand, through boat blockchain application framework solutions, it provides IOT applications with trusted data chaining and data storage verification services, so that the data of IOT applications can be seamlessly connected to the blockchain, and the trust transmission of blockchain can be used, Help the traditional Internet of things industry to quickly transform the existing scene, implement the pilot of blockchain +, and better focus on the exploration of business models.
        It is worth mentioning that in the speech, Tang Min shared an excellent case of the new business model of Internet of things + blockchain to revitalize the rural economy &mdash& mdash; Beef cattle financing project based on cattle networking and blockchain realizes the management of biological assets. Cattle networking is a classic case of Nb IOT, which improves production capacity and efficiency through the collection of cattle sign data, but the cost of digital transformation of farmers does not bring new income. Therefore, we must fully tap the value of data and carry out value-added business. Molian has creatively transformed the blockchain of the IOT stock project, allowing beef cattle to achieve credible data collection through the IOT cattle networking technology. At the same time, the necklace data is linked to complete the blockchain transformation to realize the data can not be tampered with. This credible data may be accepted by the risk control of financial institutions, and beef cattle will become a financial biological asset to realize mortgage loans.
        Financial institutions including banks, government regulators and other stakeholders in the industrial chain can subscribe to the risk control data report of beef cattle assets from the operators of cattle networking. Therefore, customers have changed from farmers to data demanders such as financial institutions and governments, so as to dilute the cost of 5g digital transformation and form a new business model with healthier positive cash flow. At the end of the speech, Tang Min concluded that focusing on the blockchain transformation of the traditional Internet of things, Molian will actively open up the two ecosystems of the underlying chip and blockchain technology of the Internet of things. Next, it will continue to support more mainstream chip and module manufacturers and release more models of blockchain chips and module products.
        In the future, we will also actively explore 5g oriented business scenarios with leading players in various vertical industries of the Internet of things based on blockchain chips / modules.
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