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Employment prospects of fintech majors in 2022

Time : 10/01/2022 Author : ofjb49 Click : + -
        What is the employment prospect of fintech major in 2022? Good employment? The following Xiaobian has sorted out the relevant contents for everyone for reference. Let's have a look!. The strength of financial technology professionals is inseparable from the fact that financial technology has ushered in a new "outlet" of industry digitalization in recent years. According to incomplete statistics, among state-owned banks, ICBC, Bank of China and China Construction Bank alone planned to recruit more than 15000 people on campus in 2022. In recent years, the digital transformation process of the financial industry has accelerated, and financial technology talents have naturally become a hot commodity for major financial institutions. Nowadays, both traditional financial institutions and fintech companies are thirsty for talents and begin to increase the recruitment of scientific and technological talents. The financial industry has become a gathering place of financial and technological talents.
        With a series of technological innovations such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain, technology and finance have opened a deep integration in the fields of payment and clearing, loan financing, wealth management, retail banking, insurance, transaction settlement and so on. In the future, the development of financial technology will be more and more perfect. Regional chain, traditional finance + Internet, multi-level intelligent supervision system and new technologies are the development trends of financial technology in the future. 1. At the beginning, banks basically started from the basic business of counters or lobbies. One person enters the bank and the whole family pulls deposits. Therefore, the speed of promotion in the bank depends on your personal ability and the strength of obtaining funds. There is work pressure, but it is relatively stable.
        For example, industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Everbright Bank. 3. Securities are basically started from getting customers to open accounts when they first enter, and graduate students are basically needed for investment analysis. Domestic securities companies, such as Galaxy Securities and CITIC Securities, and foreign investment banks, such as Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase. This major cultivates students with integrity, practical ability, innovation awareness, international vision, professional ethics engaged in financial technology work, industry cognition in the process of financial technology product innovation, and systematically master the basic theories of economics and finance, financial product design and operation, financial big data analysis and other core knowledge and skills of financial technology, It is an interdisciplinary high-quality application-oriented talent who can organically combine the principles and methods of quantitative analysis in relevant business scenarios with big data analysis technology, and apply it to the development and operation management of core businesses such as "product design", "quantitative analysis", "risk control" and "operation management", adapt to the development needs of modern financial service industry and be competent for the requirements of financial technology related positions in the Internet environment.
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