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Zhongyuan equity trading center under Zhongyuan securities obtained the pilot qualification of blockchain construction of CSRC

Time : 25/06/2022 Author : 0gx4pm Click : + -
        The reporter learned that in March this year, the CSRC issued the letter on promoting the pilot work of blockchain construction in regional equity markets (Zheng Jian ban Han [2022] No. 141), encouraging regional equity markets across the country to actively strive for blockchain construction pilots. Blockchain construction is the regional equity market business innovation pilot currently promoted by the CSRC, It is also the establishment of a regional equity market to "actively respond to the policies of the higher authorities, empower the Zhongyuan equity trading center in all aspects of science and technology, information, capital, talent, etc., support the Zhongyuan equity trading center to strive for pilot projects and promote the construction of blockchain. The reporter learned that it will continue to vigorously support the Zhongyuan equity trading center to speed up the construction of blockchain platform and promote The construction of application scenarios such as "blockchain + data submission", "blockchain + registration and trusteeship", "blockchain + enterprise financing docking" and "blockchain + policy communication" will further expand enterprise financing channels and reduce financing costs, improve the function of regional equity market, accelerate the construction of small, medium-sized and micro enterprise service ecosystem, and contribute to serving the listing of Henan enterprises and the real economy.
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