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Ant shared these new advances in scientific and technological exploration at the digital China Construction Summit

Time : 18/04/2022 Author : 2ph9lk Click : + -
        At the big data forum, jiangguofei, vice president of ant group and President of digital technology business group, delivered a keynote speech, sharing his technical exploration and Thinking on the construction of data factor market. At the exhibition site, ant comprehensively displayed its exploration in the five cutting-edge scientific and technological fields and some practical progress in helping the construction of Digital China. On July 24, the fifth digital China Construction Summit announced the "top ten hard core technologies", and ant group's new privacy computing technology "trusted secret computing (TECC)" was selected. Trusted secret computing technology (TECC) is a new trusted privacy computing technology that integrates trusted computing technology and cryptography technology. It has formed a leap forward improvement in security, applicability, performance and other dimensions, and is a strong support in the era of data encryption.
        The theme of this summit is "innovation drives new change, and digital leads the new pattern", and the "top ten hard core technologies" award is set for the first time. The award was selected by a professional evaluation team composed of many academicians and dozens of industry authoritative experts from 489 achievements after several rounds of discussion. Ant trusted dense computing (TECC) was selected for "breaking through the technical barrier of privacy computing". Dr. Wei Tao, vice president and chief technology and security officer of ant group, said that ant group has been deeply involved in the core technology of security technology for many years, and has made a number of internationally pioneering technological breakthroughs, including trusted dense computing, security parallel aspects, etc., and has actively participated in the joint construction of the industry with a mature and open attitude.
        Trusted dense computing (TECC) is an innovative achievement that integrates ants' research in the fields of privacy computing technology and trusted computing technology for more than 6 years. It is an important component of ant trusted privacy computing technology system. In July this year, ant group has opened source the trusted privacy computing framework "cryptogram", and trusted cryptogram computing (TECC) will also open source as a key component of cryptogram under the guidance of the competent authorities. At the big data forum of this summit, jiangguofei, vice president of ant group and President of digital technology business group, shared his technical thoughts on the construction of data factor market for the first time:. "In the face of various difficulties in data element flow and value release, from a technical point of view, it requires the innovative integration of artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, privacy computing and other technologies, combined with the understanding of the industry.
        」。 First, AI technology can help solve data governance problems. Through artificial intelligence to help massive data 603138) efficient classification and classification, to ensure data security and controllability. For example, ant has developed the privacy collaboration platform fair, which deeply integrates the advantages of privacy computing and blockchain: the collaboration process is driven by smart contracts, and the data flow is solved by the privacy computing engine, and through blockchain technology to confirm rights, register and trade consensus. In the process of data sharing, personal information is effectively protected, and the whole process is recordable, verifiable, traceable and auditable. In addition, the graph database technology is used to build the data asset map, abstract the association relationship of data into points and edges in graph calculation, establish an intelligent data kinship map, and realize the full link traceability of data.
        Jiangguofei said that he looked forward to working with the industry to fully integrate data technology and industry knowledge, activate the complete value of data elements, and jointly help the construction of Digital China. At this digital China Construction Achievements Exhibition, ant group comprehensively demonstrated its exploration in five cutting-edge scientific and technological fields and its practical progress in the "four digitalizations" for the first time this year. For many years, ant group has focused on the research and breakthroughs of five cutting-edge technologies: blockchain, artificial intelligence, security and privacy computing, intelligent terminal and computing infrastructure, and is committed to applying its own technological achievements to the real economy and industrial development through open cooperation and sharing. For example, "security and privacy computing" is positioned as "escort" and "inspector" in the era of digital economy.
        At present, ants have formed a solid base of security technology through basic reserves in privacy computing, security, risk control and so on. To develop the digital economy and promote high-quality development, the key is to fully mobilize the endogenous power of enterprise digital transformation. Jing Xiandong, chairman and CEO of ant group, once pointed out that the digital operation of small and micro businesses in the service industry, the digital upgrading of small and medium-sized financial institutions, the digital collaboration and value creation of the industrial chain, and the digital transformation of global cross-border services are extremely critical. Help improve the digitalization capability of the service industry: Alipay helps more than one million businesses and institutions to carry out digitalization operations by opening up technologies and products and jointly exploring innovative solutions with partners in different industries; At the same time, support tens of millions of businesses to use Alipay collection code, IOT and other services to more than 1billion consumers.
        Serve the digital upgrading of small and medium-sized financial institutions: through the R & D and open application of self-developed mobile development platform mpaas, cloud native solution sofastack and other technical products, ant is trying to become a server and helper of small and medium-sized financial institutions, and work together to build safer, efficient and healthy financial services. Participate in the digital collaboration and value creation of the industrial chain: Based on blockchain technology, ant group is committed to exploring more efficient and reliable technical solutions for industrial Internet in many fields, such as intellectual property protection, cross-border trade, cultural tourism industry and so on. Promote the digital transformation of global cross-border services: ant, through alipay+ global cross-border mobile payment technology solutions, helps global businesses access a variety of digital payment methods at one time, and promotes global consumers to realize "one wallet around the world"; Through worldfirst (wanlihui), we can provide faster, convenient and affordable cross-border collection, payment, exchange and financial services for the majority of cross-border e-commerce sellers, including small and medium-sized enterprises, and help them achieve "one account sold all over the world".
        "Adhering to the drive of scientific and technological innovation and participating in the construction of Digital China" is the theme of ant's participation in this digital China Construction Summit, and it is also the goal we will always strive for. Ant group will continue to believe in science and technology to create the future, adhere to integrity and innovation as always, and continue to contribute to digital technology to serve the real economy, promote inclusive development, and implement the "double carbon" strategy, so as to continuously create value for the society.
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