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Prime chain network innovates six technologies to accelerate the application of blockchain scenarios

Time : 25/06/2022 Author : ahy7te Click : + -
        The combination of blockchain technology and real economy has become the focus of the industry. At the "2018 new world blockchain technology application summit" held on June 22, participating experts held a heated discussion on how blockchain can be implemented in the physical industry. As for the difficulty of blockchain implementation, Li guining, CTO of prime Chain Technology Chengdu Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "prime chain"), a blockchain industry technology solution provider, said in an interview with reporters at the meeting: "At present, the prime chain network has focused on building six blockchain technology applications, including small loan supervision chain, supply chain financial chain, data asset transaction chain, integral chain, credit reporting chain and logistics chain. In the future, more solutions will be developed to accelerate the solution of traditional industry chain problems.
        ”。 The 2018 new world blockchain technology application summit with the theme of "linking the new world to open the next generation of digital economy" was held in Shanghai, and was jointly hosted by China cloud system industry innovation strategic alliance, Tsinghua University Internet Industry Research Institute, and China blockchain research alliance. At the meeting, Yu Jianing, director of the Institute of industrial economics of the information center of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that taking the combination of blockchain and supply chain finance as an example, blockchain effectively combines finance, real economy, blockchain and informatization, which can effectively help enterprises achieve rapid financing. In other fields, such as data chaining, blockchain can improve data accuracy, and smart contracts provide an effective way and incentive mechanism for data transactions.
        The above six blockchain technology applications of prime chain network realize the perfect integration of blockchain and real economy. According to Li guining, these six blockchain technology applications are based on the application solutions provided by the higgschain heterogeneous blockchain open source platform. For example, the small loan supervision chain is to connect the small loan transactions into the blockchain, and the supervision node can automatically supervise the illegal transactions through the smart contract, coexisting certificates. For another example, the supply chain financial chain uses blockchain technology to provide point-to-point comprehensive financial products and services to upstream and downstream enterprises of the supply chain by relying on core enterprises in the supply chain, taking real trade as the premise, and using self liquidating trade financing.
        It is precisely because of its long-term contribution to the implementation of blockchain in the real economy that primechain was rated as the outstanding blockchain technology application provider of the second "Golden Chain Award" at this summit. It is also the only enterprise that won the outstanding blockchain technology application provider in 2017-2018, which fully reflects its outstanding achievements and groundbreaking solutions in the application of blockchain technology. In the future, the economy and society may undergo revolutionary changes due to blockchain. Wang Xiaohui, vice president of the Internet Industry Research Institute of Tsinghua University, said at the meeting: "from network infrastructure, to platforms, to industrial applications, (blockchain) will eventually affect the deep changes in economy and society.
        ”。 To this end, Li guining said that in the future, the prime chain network will continue to steadily promote more industries and businesses on the chain, and work with partners to build and improve the global blockchain technology ecosystem. It is understood that at present, prime chain has reached cooperative relations with a number of financial enterprises. Not long ago, prime chain signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yifang technology group to cooperate on the implementation and application of blockchain in the real estate finance industry. "With the advantages of blockchain technology such as tamperability, timestamp, traceability and smart contract, the mutual trust relationship between financial institutions can be transformed into common trust in technical mechanisms, which can significantly shorten the reconciliation process." Liguining said.
        Of course, this is only one aspect of the advantages of blockchain technology in finance and other fields. Li guining told reporters that at present, the prime chain network is cooperating with a well-known large domestic logistics company to carry out the supply chain finance project, as well as the integral exchange and clearing system project with a well-known bank. In addition, it has also carried out a shipping pass project in Singapore.
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