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Blame virtual currency? Weilai employees use the company's server to mine: now it's time to enter the Bureau

Time : 29/11/2021 Author : xt38k2 Click : + -
        On April 6, according to the financial blogger @ bitfat, Zhang, an employee of Weilai automobile, used the company's server resources to dig virtual currencies. This person used to be the administrator of a cluster server and used his position to dig virtual currency. During the investigation, Zhang confessed to his violations. Affected by the epidemic, the price of virtual currency soared all the way in early 2020, and many miners rushed to buy graphics cards for mining, and even some criminals stole electricity for mining. Compared with buying graphics cards and paying electricity bills, such schemes of stealing resources have much higher profits, but also much higher risks. Xiao Lei has previously reported that a man in Jiangsu stole electricity from the gymnasium to mine. Because the gymnasium consumed high power, no one found it for a long time.
        It was not until 2020, when the epidemic closed the city and the stadium was empty, that the person in charge found that the electricity bill was still rising slowly, and the man's theft of electricity and mining was exposed. As for this kind of mining behavior using the company's server, baidu also happened in 2018. In 2018, an, an employee of Baidu search operation and maintenance department, deployed the program he developed to Baidu server and made a profit of more than 100000 yuan. When captured, an's hash wallet still had 1.4 bitcoins. Mining with the company's server can be called a white wolf with empty hands. Maybe in their eyes, they just violate the rules. Even if they are finally caught, they are just dismissed. In fact, this behavior has been a crime of violating the illegal control of computer information systems, or will face imprisonment.
        Virtual currency, which originated from blockchain technology, has not shown any positive effect so far, wasting a lot of power and CPU, GPU resources, and only getting something of no value at all. But these virtual currencies are not controlled by any country, so they are regarded as the standard by some people. Fortunately, the relevant departments have noticed the adverse impact of virtual currency, and began to issue regulations to regulate the virtual currency industry. Individual or collective mining is prohibited in many regions. Recently, the prices of virtual currencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum have plummeted. Affected by this, the prices of graphics cards are also falling. The reason for this is that the global economy is improving. Financial tycoons who invest in virtual currency began to withdraw cash and invest in the real industry. After all, everyone knows that the price of virtual currency is unstable.
        As for us ordinary people, it's better not to touch things like virtual currency. Maybe there is an opportunity to make a fortune in it, but most of the time, it will only make us bankrupt. (Lei Technology).
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