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The blockchain invoice platform of Guangzhou Taxation Bureau was upgraded, and the reimbursement was received in one minute at the fastest

Time : 14/11/2021 Author : wnmrct Click : + -
        Zheng Zhihui, a reporter from the new express, reported that on December 10, the Guangdong Provincial Taxation Bureau, together with Alipay and ant blockchain under ant financial and its partner Guangzhou Fangxin technology, upgraded the tax chain, the country's first blockchain electronic invoice platform launched in June this year, realizing a full closed loop from Invoicing to reimbursement and accounting. It is reported that the invoice steward of Alipay can connect with enterprise ERP and financial software to realize the synchronous electronic reimbursement of invoices throughout the process. Businesses no longer need to issue invoices manually and purchase additional equipment. It also reduces the intermediate links such as invoice collection and old inspection, and greatly shortens the reporting and sales time. On the office software nail, after the finance department approves it on the nail, the reimbursement will be directly entered into the employee's binding account.
        When a company employee experienced on site, he first received a message of successful consumption, and then received the message of reimbursement arrival one minute later. In the past, this process took about half a month. SRC = the first one-stop blockchain invoice issued at Guangzhou Huangpu Huayuan Hotel on December 7, from Invoicing to reimbursement, it takes only 1 minute. According to ant financial, which provides a technical underlying platform for the tax chain, the large-scale commercial implementation of blockchain is most likely to break out in scenarios with circulation value. For example, in the field of electronic invoice, blockchain will stamp the whole process of invoice issuance, generation, archiving and circulation. No matter how lifelike the fake invoice is, it is also recognized because there is no stamp on it.
        It is precisely because of the technical characteristics of the blockchain that can be traced and tampered with throughout the process that the company's Finance no longer needs invoices to check the details such as invoice code and invoice amount, but just take the corresponding invoices up in this alliance chain. Recently, an ideal L9 store test drive recently hit a pit on the road at high speed, causing air leakage damage to the right front air spring, which has brought users' doubts about the quality and durability of the air spring.
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