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Reviewing the history of information development and looking at blockchain

Time : 10/07/2021 Author : z2hxnj Click : + -
        During this period of time, I want to talk about history with you, because reviewing history can make us more clear about the trajectory of the future and have a more three-dimensional understanding of things. Nowadays, a large amount of information fills our eyes and brains, causing us to deviate from the true truth more and more biased. Therefore, I have thought for a long time. In the next period of time, I will review history, dating back to the development of information and the popularity of blockchain, Gradually and comprehensively understand the blockchain chain, because only in this way can we really understand the blockchain. Well, I won't say any nonsense, so let's get to the point directly. We can trace back to before the earliest words appeared. Direct communication between people depended on language and body language. Useful knowledge depended on ethnic transmission. The emergence of words enabled our culture and knowledge to cross time and space, make continuous progress and continue. Future generations always loved to read books left in the past, summarize experience and develop better. In this way, words triggered the development of human society on a large scale and irreversible continuation, It can also be said that the emergence of words has carried human thinking and history.
        Speaking of transmission, printing, one of the four great inventions in ancient China, can be said to be a milestone in the way of information transmission. Printing has improved the scope and efficiency of knowledge transmission, and its effectiveness has also been greatly improved. We will push the time to the late 1850. With the arrival of the second industrial revolution, the rapid development of electric power, the way of information transmission has been upgraded again, and the most representative is the emergence of telegraph, The text is converted to Morse code. Later, people invented the telephone, and electric current became the carrier of information. After that, information opened the mainstream symbol of communication carrier in modern development history. The biggest driving force behind it is the mathematician in the 1940s: Shannon (formerly known as Claude · Elwood · Shannon — — also the founder of information theory). This mathematician published the mathematical principles of communication in 1984. This paper is of cross era significance, which laid the foundation for modern information theory. In this article, Shannon introduced a new word &mdash& mdash; Bit.
        Newton summarized mechanics and built the building of physics, while Shannon summarized information, which really opened the door for mankind to enter the information age. Now bit is the unit of measuring information and the smallest unit of information. It has become one of the most basic dimensions like meters, minutes and grams in our lives. Time goes back to Shannon. In 1949, Shannon made another heavyweight new discovery. In his published communication paper on security systems this year, he elaborated on a new idea of using information theory to study cryptography. It is this discovery that makes cryptography become a science from a few arts. From the perspective of cryptoanalysts, a security system is almost a communication system. The message to be transmitted is a statistical event, and the key used for encryption is directly selected according to probability. The encryption result is security. Generally, researchers start from the above research, and in Shannon's theory, encryption, decryption Analyzing and deciphering these processes can be analyzed and studied from the point of view of information theory (information theory is an applied mathematical discipline that uses the methods of probability theory and mathematical statistics to study information, information entropy, communication system, data transmission, cryptography, data compression and other issues). It can be concluded that cryptographic system is also a system to transmit information in essence.
        Shannon's greatness lies in his simplification of the concept of information, and after using bits as a dimension, information is everywhere in our lives. In other words, after the emergence of bit, it really leads the network, computer, Moore's law, information, Internet and other industries. Summary: the birth of the Internet marks the real arrival of the information age, from which the information industry has developed by leaps and bounds at an unprecedented speed, which ushered in an era of information explosion. However, the information revolution brought about by the Internet has been deeply abstract knowledge, popularized, and the content comes from life. I am a blockchain technology evangelist. Life vulnerabilities pay attention to private information, Lu Xun said, "I have fought with pen as a weapon all my life." I hope to use my own power to promote a better tomorrow and work hard!.
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