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Do you know the three important stages in the development history of blockchain?

Time : 09/06/2021 Author : lsqtpn Click : + -
        With the growing maturity of blockchain technology, blockchain technology has made significant achievements in the financial field. Investors, practitioners in relevant financial fields, or technology practitioners pay great attention to blockchain. Many people or platforms have begun to devote themselves to it, using blockchain technology to build a new financial system, and have also made impressive results. If you have studied blockchain, your understanding of blockchain may be more profound. Since the birth of blockchain, it has experienced three stages of changes in application. Blockchain technology has important development and invention in every stage. Blockchain technology only exists in a small part of the time of the Internet, so it is likely to still have important development.
        Bitcoin has been running since 2019. The main technologies supporting bitcoin system include hash function, distributed ledger, blockchain, asymmetric encryption, and workload proof, which constitute the initial version of blockchain. At present, blockchain technology is not yet mature, and the conservatism trend within many organizations is still obvious. In addition, intermediaries and equipment providers that use centralized technology and processes to earn income in the market are also hyping their possible concerns. At the beginning of 2013, the price of bitcoin began to rise. In November of the same year, the U.S. Senate hearing clarified the legitimacy of bitcoin, and the price of bitcoin rose sharply.
        But at this time, blockchain has not reached the mainstream social and economic foundation, but its price has exceeded the expected rise. At this time, the market has opened up the popularity of bitcoin and blockchain, but despite this, they have not been widely accepted to some extent. Bitcoin, which has a substitution relationship with the mainstream economy, began to recover, the market demand increased, and the transaction scale expanded rapidly. At the same time, it also opened the bull market in 2016-2017. The enrichment effect of bitcoin and the overflow effect caused by bitcoin network congestion have led to the explosive growth of other virtual currencies and various blockchain applications. At this time, it triggered a global crazy pursuit, making bitcoin and blockchain a complete global vision.
        In 2020, although the epidemic has dealt an important blow to our economy, the hot development of bitcoin and blockchain tells us that they are creating opportunities and driving related development. For example, the recent price of bitcoin is close to $30000. Such a market has brought surprises to many people and led to the development of the exchange. After all, the exchange is the only way to buy bitcoin. Its popularity has also brought good profits to the exchange. For example, the fire coin and Saturn exchange have refreshed the historical trading volume for many times because of this bull market. In fact, no matter which industry develops, it will always drive multiple industries. After all, many things are always closely related.
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