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Fcoin cut domestic leeks 100 times, cut outsiders 10 times, where is the conscience?

Time : 09/07/2021 Author : ak974w Click : + -
        In May this year, when the trading volume of digital currency shrank seriously, Zhang Jian, the former CTO of Huo coin, launched the trading namely mining mode with the fcoin trading platform, and occupied the top of the global digital currency trading volume for several days in a row. The head exchanges, coin security and OK, also responded one after another. It is worth mentioning that under the bear market, the platform currency ft launched by fcoin platform rose 100 times against the trend. FT became a rare 100 times coin in 2018. Fcoin stunned all trading platforms. In addition to being shocked, all trading platforms, including coinex, BIGone, Australian u-net, coin age, x-net and aacoin, announced the introduction of the "transaction is mining" model. What's more, they actually used 100% of all handling fees for dividends.
        However, the good times are not long. Platform currency is essentially a feedback to investors' transaction fees in the form of points, which is equivalent to the subsidy war when the Internet seizes the market, and cannot continue to bring benefits to investors as an investment variety; At the same time, transaction fees are also the main income of the exchange, and they are not sustainable. Therefore, FT experienced a decline. After falling from a high level, other imitation exchanges are also a chicken feather. As a former CTO of Huo coin, the founder of fcoin, Zhang Jian is an old hand in the exchange industry, and naturally knows the reason. But nothing can be gained without going into the tiger's den. In order to achieve overtaking in corners, it is really worth taking a risk to grab traffic from the exchange giants and gain a firm foothold.
        As long as you try to attract users with all kinds of "fancy Games" before the end of fcoin mining, try to control the deficit between handling fees and distribution speed, and survive this period of time. When enough users have accumulated after mining and have developed trading habits on the exchange, fcoin will make a comeback, but the result is counterproductive. 1. On June 19, the rapid expansion of FT circulation made the dividend ratio drop sharply. So fcoin quickly increased the dividend from 80% to 100%. This is not due to the competitive pressure of seeing the rise of many mining exchanges at that time, but the first step of strategic layout implemented at the beginning of the crisis. At this time, fcoin is still hot, but it naturally attracted many wool parties in the process of the sharp rise of ft.
        In order to clean up the wool party and control costs, fcoin issued an announcement to suspend the invitation rebate system (mining revenue doubling plan). 2. At the same time, it launched the finusr insurance mechanism and launched a series of insurance types to ensure the safety of users. The platform will give the same proportion of finsur private equity quota according to the proportion of FT held by each user. By linking with FT pass to increase liquidity, it offset the loss of users caused by the suspension of rebate system. In early July, the heat gradually subsided, and the mining of fcoin platform fell into a state. Fcoin made several moves in succession. First, it launched the "gem" on July 2, taking the number of recharge accounts as the standard, and the top 10 projects on that day will obtain the qualification of currency listing on the second day.
        It not only embodies the concept of community autonomy, but also increases the declining trading volume due to the departure of "miners". Secondly, in order to further enhance the popularity, fcoin reopened the invitation rebate system, just to prevent a repeat of the mistakes and reduce the reward ratio. 4. In July, as FT prices became increasingly depressed, in order to reduce the inflation caused by the unfrozen part, that is, the pre issued part, fcoin announced that the "pre issued part" would be locked immediately after the unfrozen and could not be sold in the secondary market. Since you are the original partner, you should stick to it until the end. 5. On July 16, fcoin gem opened three trading areas. If the amount raised by the project party is more than 3million FTS, it can obtain the right to schedule currencies on the gem.
        It is equivalent to lowering the recent gem currency standard and no longer placing hopes on retail investors. 6. Fcoin set up the stabilization fund, which stipulates that "pledge the 100million ft raised to fcoin platform at the five-day average price in exchange for the same amount of mainstream currencies such as usdt, ETH, BTC, etc. to be invested in the secondary market to repurchase ft". However, the strategy of "stabilizing the currency price through repurchase" hides a sharp blade that stabs itself. Before, it was not easy to use ft to hold the value currency in users' hands, such as BTC, but now it has been returned in order to stabilize the pledge of the fund. It seems that some gains outweigh the losses. 7. On July 5, fcoin moved to the "currency reform pilot area" to "brainwash" the market from the macro level, and sent a signal with Yuan Dao and Meng Yan as endorsements: fcoin should embrace the real economy.
        However, led by QoS, the limit fell the next day after the launch, symbolizing the failure of the "currency reform". 8. On August 2, fcoin announced the strategic upgrade, formally upgrading fcoin to: trading platform product technical support + comprehensive community-based governance structure, and announced that the sub brand fone will be launched soon. Fone is a collection of trading areas, supporting the entry of sponsors, and opening an independent trading area named after sponsors (or a combination of sponsors). The recommendation institution has the right to cash in its own trading area and the right to formulate rules. The sponsor has the right to issue money, operate and formulate rules, which means that the threshold for issuing money has been greatly reduced. As long as a certain number of FTs are held, everyone can become a sponsor and open their own trading area. The threshold is so low that it is amazing that a large number of air projects have poured into fcoin.
        However, for Zhang Jian, what he wants is traffic, trading volume and money. With the increasing number of transaction currencies and the launch of fone, Zhang Jian gradually revealed his ferocious true face, and the situation was increasingly out of his control. Whether it is "trading mining", "insurance mining" or "locking mining" proposed by fcoin, its essence is to exchange BTC, Eth and usdt through ft, FI and fcandy issued by fcoin platform, while ft, FI and fcandy are fundamentally in the hands of fcoin, and they are all tools for Zhang Jian to manipulate the market. Unable to play any more in China, Zhang Jian moved to Japan. Fcoin issued fcoinjp platform currency in Japan on October 30 this year. This exchange is also a mode of "trading is mining".
        FJ launch% will be allocated to FJ holders on a daily basis. The official website fcoinjp also updated the white paper in Japanese. In addition, a doctoral candidate in artificial intelligence at the University of Tokyo in Japan was also recruited to endorse the project. FJ officially started trading on October 30, and soared tenfold in 24 hours, but it has fallen from a high level in the past two days, and has never looked back. This is a smaller version of FT platform currency, but it has actually harvested a wave of Japanese leeks. Of course, the same formula and taste will still feel fresh for people in different places. First, domestic leeks are served with FT quilt cover, then Japanese leeks are served with FJ quilt cover, and then FK may serve Korean leeks and FA may serve American leeks &hellip& hellip; But why only cut the domestic leeks so hard, let the tender leeks take over the plate 100 times, when can it be solved, maybe it can only be in a dream!.
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