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Exclusive interview with btc123: the blockchain era is the best opportunity for the post-95 generation to rush out as a dark horse

Time : 16/04/2022 Author : t879pi Click : + -
        It is almost impossible for us to overturn some successful cases made by the Post-70s and post-80s generation. It is cruel to say that we have almost no chance. The era has developed rapidly, and predecessors have made so many insurmountable efforts. It happens that the era of blockchain is the opportunity for us to rush out as a dark horse after the 95s. Recently, the [dialogue with qualified investors] large-scale interview program jointly created by btc123, daily finance and blockbusters invited Fang Bao, founder of Jiutian CHUANGHE capital, to talk about the value investment of blockchain. Fang Bao, founder and CEO of nuoban culture, CO CEO of Zhonghui Juyuan Digital Resources Co., Ltd., former vice president of business section of Zhengyang group, and pioneer of early new retail convenience shelf model.
        Post-95 entrepreneurial veterans. During school in 2015, he founded laiah travel and laiah financial services, proposed the business model of short distance travel + social networking, long-distance travel + customization, and cooperated with Bank of Beijing to layout the travel ecology. During the operation period, activities such as "travel around the world with 100 yuan" and "travel with the anchor" have attracted wide attention both inside and outside the industry. In 2017, Laiya snack technology, another enterprise it founded, was acquired by Youhe. Laiya snack technology is also the first batch of "new retail" convenience shelf enterprises. Since then, Fang Bao will regard corner as the blockchain field, establish Jiutian CHUANGHE capital, and concurrently serve as the vice president of the business section of Zhengyang group. During his tenure as vice president, he was responsible for the operation of "Sicilian town", "not love square" and other commercial real estate projects under hejiuchuan.
        In the field of blockchain, we jointly launched onfund upward fund with WBF, Jidou capital, Yidao capital, Longsha group and other institutions, and participated in more than 30 early blockchain projects. And led the team to independently develop the business social software coinshare, and designed the pass model. From 2019, Fang Bao went to Europe for further study, visited more than 10 blockchain enterprises in Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, France, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Norway, Malta and other countries, and was invited to attend international innovation and technology conferences such as Hamburg conference and AIBC conference. During this period, cross-border e-commerce websites were developed. At the end of 2019, as the head of europechain China EU docking, he undertook the China investment promotion work of the blockchain sub forum of the world economic forum in Davos, Switzerland and the surrounding forum activities.
        In 2020, Fang Bao returned to China to start a business again and established norborn culture. Based on the incubation of blockchain projects, noben culture combines blockchain technology with cultural communication, assists entities, games, the Internet, finance and other fields to realize blockchain reform, and strengthens the innovation and practicality of blockchain projects; The company aims to establish a perfect and rich blockchain ecosystem, so that good ideas and technologies can be successfully implemented. Its "newbiestyle leek era" project is a competitive mobile game that integrates community, scene, social and other elements to create an ecosystem for the whole industry. It takes into account the significance of entertainment and financial knowledge popularization, and uses blockchain technology to open up the integrated linkage between offline board game bar and online mobile game.
        In October of the same year, Fang Bao served as the co CEO of Zhonghui Juyuan Digital Resources Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhonghui digital"). Zhonghui digital is an asset e-commerce service platform that is built by a wholly-owned holding enterprise of a central enterprise to support small, medium-sized and micro enterprises in response to the requirements of the era of digital economy, taking "asset e-commerce" as the starting point, based on the background of the digital economy, and using artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet and other technical means. Many people will question whether I came out to invest at such a young age, and even ask me if I am a rich second generation. In fact, I'm not a rich second generation, but I've done more things. In fact, I'm the kind of person who seems to like playing but actually has something serious to do.
        I have started many businesses, such as tourism, financial services, new retail and so on. When we felt that the industry was about to come to an end, I told my current partner, general manager Pan, that we could see if we could integrate with blockchain. Then we found the investor Zhengyang group. The two chairmen of the group had also communicated with us before, and they recognized me and Lao pan. After talking, everyone also felt that it was a hit. Previously, when we talked about cooperation with Zhengyang group, they thought we did things a little too small, but we have always been involved in some of the group's businesses, such as business sector operations, BP business plan, etc., so they also trust us very much. When it comes to blockchain, it really hit it off.
        To build a blockchain project, we first need to build a technical team, an operation team, etc., which requires resources and experience in all aspects. Therefore, we will invest some of our assets to establish capital. After the establishment of the capital, several partners felt that they didn't have much energy in this regard. They believed in my ability and thought that I could play a leading role. On the other hand, they thought that my IP was easy to shape, so they took me as the founder, although I was still very young. I think the mentality of post-95 people entering the industry is very important. I understand their mentality of entering the blockchain industry. As we see it, in fact, in traditional industries, including the traditional Internet industry, it is almost impossible for us to subvert some successful cases made by post-70 and Post-80 people. To be cruel, we have almost no chance. The times are developing rapidly, and predecessors have made so many insurmountable efforts, It happens that the era of blockchain is our opportunity to rush out as a dark horse after 95.
        In fact, I think every young post-95 generation of us may think about going to bat after graduation, and then staying for a few years to see if there will be any development. But it's too slow. We can't take the most valuable and youngest time to do something that may not be as big as blockchain. At that time, I thought blockchain was more efficient. Maybe I suddenly made the greatest decision of my life in just a few months. What I want to share with you is that you must not think that all this good luck comes out of thin air. Don't just see how good it is in front of you, and think that other post-95 people will fry money casually, and then their value will suddenly exceed tens of millions, and then you should follow others' path.
        I believe that everyone's success is really not accidental, which depends on how much effort he has made and how many holes he has stepped on before, which others can't know. At the same time, the grasp of this wealth is also a very important knowledge.
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