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Blockchain has launched a new tool to help users detect cryptocurrency fraud

Time : 30/05/2022 Author : frpz5h Click : + -
        The blockchain supporting smart contracts, developed by the cryptocurrency exchange giant binance, is launching a new tool to help users detect cryptocurrency fraud. According to a new company blog post, bnbchain (BNB) is launching dappbay, a decentralized application (DAPP) center with redalarm function, which is a new blockchain scanning tool designed to detect encryption projects with high risk of being cheated. Dappbay is the DAPP center on the BNB chain ecosystem, providing users with the necessary tools to navigate the space more safely. Dappbay has an easy-to-use contract risk scanning tool redalarm, which can identify potential high-risk projects and help users protect their investments from potential risks.
        The secret code sznb3599 in the text gives you more different worlds of bitcoin!. Dappbay shortlisted and ranked the best projects recently launched according to market data, including gamefi, DFI (decentralized Finance), digital collections (irreplaceable tokens), etc. Through ‘ Fastest user growth &rsquo& lsquo; Best performance token ’ And ‘ Trend ’ Ranking, you can easily find the latest and most popular projects and quickly seize investment opportunities. Gwendolynregina, investment director of bnbchain, said that the purpose of security tools is to help traders stay ahead of fraudsters and protect their investments.
        Using market data, dappbay allows the BNB chain community to shortlist and rank the best projects recently launched, such as gamefi, defi, digital collections, etc. Most importantly, the red alert function can help users get one step ahead of liars; The system warns the potential risks related to the project in real time, so that the community can make wise investment decisions.
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