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What is the "time asset" touted by taimugu app? It's more like an old scam on the app

Time : 30/01/2022 Author : kh6xaz Click : + -
        Taking the sales of "three noes" health care products as the starting point, it is known as the "time asset" supported by blockchain technology, but it is difficult for investors to withdraw cash. According to media reports, recently, the so-called "time assets" touted by tamogu app have put many investors in trouble. The "taimugu rights group" of more than 240 people shows that the company has successfully sold products to many people. According to media reports, many consumers reported that they bought a large number of unapproved health products, such as ginseng and Baijiu, in taimugu mall. Timugu's "time investment" seems to be relatively trendy. The sales channels are not offline platforms, let alone traditional stores, but apps on smartphones.
        In addition, the name of the so-called "time asset" also sounds a little flashy. However, this is only the appearance. Selling health products without approval, completing the task of "reading", accumulating "time assets", and high handling fees or being asked to "pull people" and other operations make this Tamu valley look abnormal. Tear off the gorgeous appearance, the business of the platform is still the familiar formula and taste. For example, it is the biggest gimmick for investors to encourage people to buy things on the platform and give a little rebate when selling &mdash& mdash; "Time asset" is a virtual digital asset similar to points, which is then realized through certain exchange rules.
        A lawyer said, "this kind of reliance on ‘ shopping malls ’ and under the guise of ‘ time assets ’ may be a new form of pyramid selling.". Taimugu's "time investment" is full of doubts. So many complaints have been exposed by the media. Relevant departments may wish to take this opportunity to conduct an in-depth investigation on this platform and respond to the problems reflected by people one by one. In particular, the relevant departments need to timely obtain evidence and give answers to people's doubts about whether the platform is suspected of pyramid selling. If there are illegal acts, they should be investigated according to law. In fact, such platforms relying on "shopping malls" and under the guise of "time assets" are not uncommon.
        There are also judicial organs in various places, which have investigated and dealt with some platforms that lure people to join in and cheat money and property by means of touting and point rebate, such as "fun steps" with low registration threshold, convenient participation and huge return as gimmicks. It is reasonable to say that such a method as "time investment" is not new, but it still reaps such a large consumption base and flow, and at the same time, it also leads to so many complaints of being cheated, which must be thought-provoking. From the perspective of economics, risks and benefits are equal. How high the income, means how much risk. For ordinary people, getting rich or making huge profits through investment is a very small probability event.
        For example, in the business model of Taimu Valley, ginseng can be bought for less than 100 yuan, time assets on the platform can be obtained, and thousands of so-called withdrawals can be obtained in the future. Will there be such a cheap good thing in the world? I'm afraid not. The most difficult and important thing for ordinary people to invest is to control risks. Risks are not unidentifiable. A simple way is to promise short-term products with high returns and beyond common sense, which is basically a fraud. At present, the cost of apps launched by some platforms is low, and some people are thinking about it, hyping the concepts of "blockchain" and "new retail", selling fake goods, attracting people, and even doing pyramid schemes. For these endless situations, consumers and investors need to be alert, and the corresponding regulatory authorities also need to investigate and give early warning in time.
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