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Ten years of life and death two boundless memorial to the dead blockchain project | attached with the death list

Time : 01/08/2021 Author : n41s5q Click : + -
        It may be too early for us to talk about the wave of death today, but in the era of 1.0 and 2.0, the blockchain industry has experienced several cold winters. In the winter of 2014 and 2015, many enterprises died out for various reasons. Id:pinduqukuailian compiled a blockchain death list to honor the pioneers who had promoted the continuous improvement and development of the blockchain industry. The earliest miner &mdash& mdash; Butterfly was born in the United States in December 2012 and is mainly sold in the form of futures pre-sale. Because of the advantage of computing power and the attractive price, butterfly attracted tens of thousands of orders in a short period of time, but a few months later, butterfly failed to fulfill its promise, resulting in a large-scale refund tide, and butterfly once became synonymous with swindlers.
        Although the butterfly began to ship after July 2013, it was completely unable to meet the requirements of computing power at that time, so the miners suffered huge losses. For a time, the butterfly was notorious. Wu Jihan once invested tens of thousands of yuan in roast cat to develop mining machines, which brought him tens of millions of returns, and laid the foundation for him to establish bitcontinental, the world's largest mining machine manufacturer. The earliest product of bitland is ant miner. After the disappearance of roast cat, ant miner lost its most powerful competitor. Tezos is the largest ICO project in history. It claims that by improving the management and development of decentralized networks, a new blockchain system will be built, which will become a "Self Revising" encrypted ledger, allowing stakeholders to decide the adjustment of network protocols.
        However, later, the project initiator breitman and his wife tore up with the management, and the blog said that the management experience was poor, the company structure was ambiguous, the product research and development was not transparent, and there was a lack of investor protection. This action led to a sharp decline in its currency price. Based on this, regulators and the public realized the risk of ICO, and the ICO building was crumbling.
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