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Global blockchain 726: Bulgaria has sold more than 200000 bitcoin reserves, which is untrue

Time : 30/05/2022 Author : v0ju9r Click : + -
        According to businesswire on July 25, grantthorntonllp announced that it had audited encryption assets worth more than $10billion in the first three months of 2019, covering 40 different cryptocurrencies in more than 100million addresses. According to the money security institute, according to Bloomberg Barclays' negative interest rate debt index, the scale of global investment grade negative interest rate debt exceeded $13.4 trillion this week. If held to maturity, it is equivalent to negative interest rate bond investors need to lend money and pay the borrower at the same time. This abnormal market structure is due to the sudden shift of major central banks in the world to doves in the past six months, which has increased investors' speculative sentiment on debt assets (some people also believe that it is the growth of pessimistic expectations for the future).
        Recently, the market value of bitcoin has also increased together with the scale of negative interest rate bonds. The lower and higher returns and higher risks of traditional investments may be helping bitcoin rise as an alternative asset. On the evening of July 25, Zhang Jiangang, the founder of PDX, said that he had been invited to participate in the research on digital currency of the central bank. The research topic was the infrastructure of legal digital currency, focusing on the global issuance, circulation and settlement of RMB digital currency. This is a very important application scenario of blockchain, because there is mistrust between the central bank and local regulators in the process of global issuance, circulation and settlement of digital currency. In this process, we should not only ensure the central bank's complete coinage right over the RMB, but also respect the regulatory power of each jurisdiction, ensure that the RMB digital currency cannot be spent more or forged in each jurisdiction, and ensure that each jurisdiction protects the privacy in the circulation of digital currency.
        In addition, he said, "I fully support the central bank's layout of digital currency, because digital currency can significantly reduce the cost of RMB issuance, circulation and clean accounting, and improve its efficiency. Moreover, today's human society is actually a digital society. There is a paper RMB in the real society, of course, the digital society needs a corresponding digital RMB.". According to cryptowatch on July 25, the Japanese cryptocurrency Business Association (jcba) announced the request for tax system modification in 2020 at its tax system Review Committee on July 24. Given that the "capital settlement law" and the "revised version of the financial commodity trading law" previously promulgated by the Japanese Parliament are scheduled to take effect in April 2020, virtual currency (encrypted assets) will be within the framework of the "financial and commercial law".
        The request made by the association focuses on the following three points: 1. A 20% declaration separation tax is levied on encrypted asset derivatives transactions, and the losses of the previous year can be carried forward and deducted from the amount of derivatives related income in the three years after the second year. 2. A 20% declaration separation tax will be levied on the profits generated from the transaction of encrypted assets, and the losses of the previous year can be carried forward and deducted from the amount of income related to encrypted assets in the three years after the beginning of the second year. 3. If the profits earned from cryptocurrency asset transactions are less than 200000 yen a year, the small amount tax exemption system will be adopted. Previously, on July 22, the Japan cryptocurrency Exchange Association (jvcea) submitted a request for tax system modification in 2020 to the Japan Finance Agency on July 19.
        Cryptocurrencies are required to declare separate taxes, establish small tax exemptions, deduct profits and losses, and carry forward taxes. This week, the suspected stockpiling of 200000 bitcoins in Bulgaria was mentioned again. Trustnodes issued a document saying that in May 2017, the Bulgarian government searched for an illegal bitcoin activity and seized more than 200000 bitcoins, which are now worth more than its gold reserves. However, according to Bulgarian media reports, such BTC reserves do not actually exist. Specifically, the local news media bivol reported in April 2018 that the government conducted an auction in a low-key manner, with many international buyers participating.
        The auction took place within a few months after the raid. Bulgarian finance minister vladislavgoranov told the prime minister's security committee that the sale of BTC had begun and was sold in a piecemeal manner to avoid market collapse. Bivol quoted goranov as saying that several sovereign wealth funds and Asian investors bought these bitcoins at an average price of about 15000 euros, and Deloitte acted as an adviser. Experts from the Federal Bureau of investigation also helped ensure the security of the transaction. In cointimesummit2019· on July 25; At the Vietnam station summit, Yuan Yuming, the head of Huo coin Research Institute, reviewed the ten trends of industry development, including: 1. The market hit the bottom at the beginning of this year; 2. This year is a difficult year for bitcoin ETFs, with various derivatives emerging; 3. The improvement of the public chain platform has shifted from high performance to effective user use; 4. The use of one-stop blockchain and cross chain is a major trend in 2019; 5.5G and distributed storage will drive Web3.0; 6. Financial innovation in mining will lead to the reshuffle of the industry; 7. Traditional app applications will become more decentralized, bringing more new users; 8. More assets will be tokenized, but scalability is always a problem; 9. The function of stable currency has changed from being used for transactions to specific applications and payments; 10. Supervision in some countries began to advance, and more industry licenses appeared to promote the better development of the market.
        At the same time, Yuan Yuming also mentioned the stable currency Libra issued by Facebook. He believes that Libra has a great impact on the government and the traditional financial industry. Although there are many problems in the development process, it will bring many opportunities to the whole industry. Otcxn, a cryptocurrency trading platform for institutional investors headquartered in San Francisco, is testing a new service that allows custodians to settle transactions directly on behalf of customers, which means that traders do not have to redeem assets from their custodians first and then deposit them in the custody of counterparties. By cooperating with custody companies such as kingdomtrust and primetrust, otcxn attempts to establish a custodian network, and the assets stored by these trustees can be tokenized on otcxn's custody blockchain ledger.
        These tokens represent the actual assets under custody and can be traded and settled on the otcxn platform, thereby accelerating the whole settlement process. According to the securities times, Zhu Min, President of the National Institute of finance of Tsinghua University and former vice president of the International Monetary Fund, pointed out on the 25th that China is at the forefront of the world in digital currency research and has advantages in the field of electronic payment. China should support and encourage the development and launch of digital currency by the central bank, and encourage and support payment companies to join the challenges and competition against Libra, To build a world leading payment and digital currency system in China, the "the Belt and Road" will provide huge space for this.
        In this process, we need to accelerate the marketization and convertibility of RMB interest rates, and we also need to give priority to the risk prevention of the new system. On July 25, markzuckerberg posted on Facebook, saying: the Libra Association will be independent of Facebook or any other members, but we plan to support this currency in our services. The goal of Libra project is to enable billions of people around the world who can use WhatsApp and other services but are excluded from banking services to use a safe, stable and well regulated cryptocurrency. There are many possibilities here. Facebook and the association plan to cooperate with regulators to help them solve all their concerns before the launch of Libra.
        In cooperation with other potential members of Libra Association, we released a white paper in advance, which clearly outlines the concept of Libra, so that we can solve these important problems in public. We are committed to cooperating with policy makers to properly solve problems. According to the securities times, at present, all cross-border payment service providers have not solved the problems of centralized control and slow payment transaction timeliness. Therefore, with the help of blockchain technology innovation, digital currency has become the focus of scientific and technological financial enterprises. In addition to the current global social networking giant Facebook's release of digital currency Libra and the creation of Calibra digital wallet and its public statement to achieve the service purpose of fast and convenient cross-border payment, visa, the world's largest credit card company, has also launched visab2bconnect to enter the business to business cross-border payment market. At the same time, visa's direct competitors MasterCard, the second largest credit card issuer in the world, also created bitcardtour, its digital currency.
        It is envisaged that these digital currencies can be directly exchanged with legal tender and adopt point-to-point transactions, so as to improve the timeliness of cross-border payment and further reduce payment costs. According to McKinsey, the introduction of blockchain technology and digital currency can save about $4billion in cross-border payments every year. On July 24, the 15th issue of global magazine published three articles related to digital currency: the five years since China developed the central bank digital currency, "commercial currency" and "central bank currency", and the global "water test" of cryptocurrency. Among them, "commercial currency" and "central bank currency" are written by Liu Dongmin, director of the International Finance Research Office of the Institute of world economics and politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and song Shuang, an assistant researcher of the research office. The article said that on the premise that the digital stability currency is subject to the supervision of governments of various countries, the construction of the global business ecosystem of the stability currency has broad prospects for development, and the digital stability currency may gradually change the financial ecosystem of a country, And through the reconstruction of the cross-border payment system, it will affect the international financial architecture.
        According to Bloomberg, US Treasury Secretary stevenmnuchin said that US regulators may introduce new regulations on cryptocurrencies to ensure that they will not have a negative impact on the financial system. Mnuchin said, "we are paying attention to all encrypted assets. We will ensure a unified approach. My guess is that all these institutions will introduce more regulations.". According to the 15th issue of China foreign exchange in 2019, Xie Ping of Wudaokou School of finance, Tsinghua University, said in an interview with China foreign exchange that first of all, China should actively participate in the activities of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the bank for International Settlements (BIS) and other international organizations on digital currency regulation, and strive to play a role in it.
        Secondly, Chinese enterprises can be allowed to participate in Libra Association. Third, China can encourage enterprises to participate in the research and application of digital currency and gradually build a digital currency ecosystem in combination with the research results of the central bank's digital currency Institute. At present, it has been piloted and should be publicly applied at an appropriate time. Fourth, the use of Libra will greatly promote hundreds of millions of people to open blockchain application apps or accounts. We should encourage domestic commercial banks and financial institutions to use blockchain technology. In order to meet the challenges of Libra, swift announced in the white paper on June 20 that it would use blockchain technology to transform the global payment system and prepare to launch a new cross-border payment service GPI (Global Payment innovation).
        According to cointegraph, Verizon, an American telecom giant, is currently recruiting talents in the blockchain field. It is reported that Verizon is very interested in creating distributed networks. A senior engineer of Verizon said that Google, Facebook and Microsoft have elite talents in the blockchain field. In the past few years, he has interviewed more than 100 candidates, but it has become increasingly difficult to find excellent technicians in the blockchain field. It is reported that Yihe fund will prepare to invest tens of millions of dollars in Eagle plan, which aims to tap the strength in the blockchain field and help high-quality blockchain projects take off.
        In cointimesummit2019· on July 25; At the Vietnam station summit, Du Jun, the founder of node capital, explained in detail the reasons for investing in the exchange. He pointed out that compared with the traditional market Nasdaq, the daily trading volume of blockchain is far less than that of NASDAQ, and the difference between the total asset market value of the two is 50 times. However, the development time of blockchain industry is far less than that of traditional capital markets such as NASDAQ, which poses a great challenge to the traditional market. Although the trading volume of the world's top ten exchanges accounts for 77% of the global trading volume, compared with other industries, investment exchanges still have advantages. For example, compared with the mineral base that needs money and technical reserves, the threshold of the exchange is low and the profit model is strong enough.
        There are three reasons for investing in exchanges: first, the profit model is clear, and the sources of income are: currency handling fees, market maker service fees, and transaction handling fees. Second, it has the right to speak in the industry, and the market operates around the exchange. Third, there is a high ceiling. As long as there are enough assets and new models, there can be a lot of profit space. According to official news, since the launch of the pre-A round of financing and the investment of Gangsheng technology, coin Xiaobai recently received another strategic investment from alphacoinfund, with a valuation of 180million yuan. Bai Kun, CEO of coin Xiaobai, said: this round of financing will focus on the direction of returning money) and community traffic, and strive to build the world's top stacking trading and wealth management tools and the top Chinese community traffic center.
        Fanbi is expected to go online for public beta in late August. Alphacoinfund is a venture capital fund focusing on blockchain technology and token empowerment. Its business covers fields such as mines, pools, wallets, etc. at present, it has invested in hundreds of blockchain projects with a total investment of more than $70million. Coin Xiaobai is a digital currency investment banking service provider. Previously, it has received strategic investments from institutions such as fire coin, bitera, and Genesis capital, and completed the first dividend of angel round institutions in July. A document from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) shows that China's ninth city Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "ninth city") purchased 5297257 tokens at the price of US $2million when the first token was issued by telegraph in January 2018.
        The document also points out that as of 2018, the ninth city has invested in a number of blockchain companies. (cointegraph) according to the Russian business news agency Royal Bank of Canada on July 24, this document proves that the ninth city is the first well-known foreign investor. According to Royal Bank of Canada, the investors of telegram's initial coin issuance (ICO) were largely unknown. According to the global market of Huo coin, BTC broke through the $10100 mark on the morning of July 25, with a maximum of $10180, and then fell back to a minimum of $9800. Please pay close attention to the market trend and control risks.
        According to the announcement of Huo coin global station, in order to continuously enable HT, Huo coin global station and Huo coin mine pool launched the HT lockup mining function at 15:00 on July 25, Singapore time. Lock up users can get HPT and dpos double airdrops every day. The specific airdrops will fluctuate daily according to the type of lock up, the number of lock ups and the computing power of the fire coin mine pool. At the same time, in order to add weight to the airdrop of lock warehouse, the airdrop obtained from HT's participation in mining owned by Huo coin group will be included in the total daily HPT airdrop for incentive and distribution to users of "HT lock warehouse mining". In addition, HT of the lock up part is included in huobiprime, FastTrack and ladder fee
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