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Who is the leader in blockchain: BTC, ETH, fil, Doge, Chia

Time : 24/06/2021 Author : 7gmdsl Click : + -
        Intelligent interconnection technology and traditional manufacturing industry are hand-in-hand, and there are still too many possibilities in the future. Data link, build a credible, efficient and low-cost industry cooperation network, so as to reduce the trust cost between platforms, logistics, operators and other institutions, improve efficiency, and will play a greater business value. Many people think of blockchain for the first time. The distributed computing and decentralization of blockchain technology have the characteristics of being tamper proof and traceable, and can perfectly solve the authenticity of data. Taking fil as an example, it is a truly decentralized storage blockchain project. IPFs has the following advantages: low cost, more efficient, more secure, permanent, and higher privacy.
        The three underlying technologies of the Internet: Computing (computing power), transmission (bandwidth), and storage. At present, Amazon,, Xiaomi and Alibaba are also deploying IPFs one after another, and Huawei has determined to establish a distributed storage data center in Cangzhou. Fil uses the lock-in mechanism to stabilize the currency price, which requires you to buy money before digging, creating deflation and promoting stable long-term development. At the same time, you can see that a large number of communities are promoting, various soft texts in the media, and the media wants money. Every business information you see is valuable. You can see that the project party has a strong background and high aspirations. At present, there are countless coins in the market under the guise of blockchain centralized storage. Dog coins are funny and absurd enough, but they are the richest people in the world. The first common currency of human beings on Mars may really be dog coins, which are directly pushed to Mars.
        Chia is also the same. With the reverse mechanism of fil, there is no need to pledge gas, and there is no 180 day linear release, etc. Attracted many retail investors who are greedy for cheap. What's the saying? Greedy for cheap is fooled. There are too many air coins, countless. Personally, I think the bull market is still there, but I don't recommend you to fry money. This is a high-risk thing, which is easy to be cut into leeks. But if you really want to get involved, I suggest:.
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