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The ninth batch of domestic blockchain information service filing list was announced, and 62 of 348 projects are related to digital collections

Time : 21/04/2022 Author : v2ludm Click : + -
        On July 25, the state Internet Information Office issued the announcement on the release of the ninth batch of domestic blockchain information service filing numbers (hereinafter referred to as the announcement), with a total of 348 domestic blockchain information service names and filing numbers. Since the formal implementation of the regulations on the administration of blockchain information services on February 15, 2019, a total of 2159 domestic blockchain information service names and filing numbers have been published. In terms of geographical distribution, 68 projects in Beijing were shortlisted in the ninth batch of domestic blockchain information service filing list, far ahead; There are 45 in Suzhou, 44 in Zhejiang, 39 in Guangdong and 38 in Shanghai. In terms of enterprises, the three blockchain information services of ant blockchain Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.'s "ant chain traceability", "carbon matrix" and "ant digital technology trusted asset management platform" obtained filing numbers, the "Moutai chain" of Maotai 600519) obtained filing numbers, and the "Netease News Digital collection" and "Netease cultural and creative digital collection" of Beijing Netease Media Co., Ltd. obtained filing numbers.
        It is worth noting that in the ninth batch of domestic blockchain information service filing list, 62 are related to digital collections. Including the "digital collection platform" of SF Technology Co., Ltd., the "digital collection application service platform" of China UnionPay Co., Ltd., and the "fifth mirror" of Chinese online). The reason why there are many items related to digital collections in the blockchain information service filing list is related to the fire in the digital collection market since the second half of last year. According to China Securities Network, as of July 9, 2022, the number of domestic digital collection platforms has reached 820. In February this year, the number was less than 100. Yu Jianing, CO chairman of blockchain special committee of China Communications Industry Association, told blockchain daily that the value of digital collections based on blockchain mainly lies in the following three aspects:.
        First, the right is confirmed effectively through blockchain technology. Digital collections can ensure their uniqueness, authenticity and permanence through blockchain technology, and can also effectively protect the rights and interests of creators and holders. Secondly, the circulation of digital collections can be improved through blockchain technology. For example, it is difficult to identify the authenticity of traditional collections and the process is complex, but since the birth of digital collections, they have tamper proof chain vouchers, which greatly reduces the transaction cost. Third, digital content equity. In traditional digital works, users cannot really own the ownership of this work. However, digital collections based on blockchain can truly enable works in the form of data to achieve clear ownership, transparent quantity and transfer traces, and "equity" digital content, becoming a "value machine" that empowers everything.
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