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Introduction to blockchain game mode, blockchain game development

Time : 01/08/2021 Author : glps9d Click : + -
        1. At the game manufacturer level, virtual assets in the game can be mapped into cryptocurrencies, and can be freely circulated and traded across platforms (compared with the current QQ currency, which can only be circulated on a single platform, and cannot be traded, and cannot be converted into game currencies of other platforms). 2. At the level of game basic chain developers, because the mechanism of blockchain is open, transparent and tamperable, gambling and competitive games are naturally suitable for cooperation with blockchain platforms. Major game developers have also launched many game chains for developers to use and reduce the development threshold. At the level of game service providers, they can provide game asset trading platforms, project channel distribution, copyright IP distribution, game crowdfunding and other services based on virtual assets.
        For example, opskin game asset trading platform, bitgames game asset incubation platform, game distribution platform ultra, and blockchain community platform foundgame, which integrates R & D, operation and distribution. From game manufacturers, game basic chain developers. Game service providers interpret it differently. In fact, we can find that blockchain games have indeed overturned the previous model. Especially for the metauniverse that is currently being conceived, we want to use a tool to link the virtual digital world and the real world, so that the assets of the virtual world can also be applied in the real world. Take the popular splinterlands at present.
        Splinterlands (formerly steemmonsters) is a round business card printing game based on hive blockchain platform. Like axieinfinity, it is an old blockchain game that has been out for several years. With the development, NFT, land auction and other elements have been added. At present, the daily life of the game is dappradar, which has occupied the top five position for a long time, and the governance token SPS was launched on July 26 this year. This game is similar to the traditional game hearthstone legend. Players collect cards, combine different cards and compete with other players. After winning the game, they can get cards and dark energy crystal (DEC) rewards.
        Cards can be used for fighting, upgrading, selling or renting to other players. Scarce cards have greater collection value. The game pictures are well made, the special effects music is cool, and the playing methods are innovative and diverse, which can be called the boutique of chain games. In addition to NFT home of all kinds of cards, splinterlands has also added elements such as land auction, NFT card trading, card synthesis, etc. to increase the liquidity of cards and land, and solve the problem that most digital card games do not allow players to trade or sell game assets to other players. Playing games can make money, and players can quickly participate in the game for only $10. Compared with similar games, the threshold is low.
        Players have many ways to make money:. The larger imagination space of splinterlands lies in the land-based metacosmic world, which supports players to create guilds, build castles, and create a broader metacosmic space. On July 27, 2021, the splinterlands team will start the first airdrop of SPS tokens for all players, with a total of about 400million airdrops, lasting for up to one year. Everyone who holds Dec tokens, card NFT and / or land NFT will receive SPS airdrops, and the proportion of each player to receive airdrops will be determined according to the weight of in-game assets on the chain, further improving the economic model and incentive mechanism of the game.
        According to the data of splinterlands on dappradar, the total number of game players and daily life users have long been in the top 3, with daily life at 10w+, and the popularity of games is very high. Dec is mainly used to buy various cards, land, props, improve personal ranking, etc. in the game, similar to axie's love potion SLP. Access comes from two aspects:. Buy more cards through Dec, so as to improve the winning rate of players in the battle, and obtain more battle rewards and scarce cards. Scarce cards can make profits in NFT trading market. 1. Daily tasks. The daily task is refreshed every 24h according to the first completion time, and the number of boxes rewarded for daily tasks at different levels is different.
        Bronze daily task a box. The official value of each box is 65-75dec, and it is also possible to issue cards of various levels. For players who are not very krypton gold (charging money to become stronger), opening the treasure chest may be the main part of their income at present, and it has the chance to open thousands of Dec at a time. The winner of each game will get a Dec (dark energy crystal) token reward. The current market price is 0.0086u. Generally, winning a game at bronze level will get a Dec reward of 0.0 to 0.1, which is relatively small, but with the improvement of player level, the single game Dec reward will also increase. So for us, blockchain game is just a beginning now. In the future, it will change our way of life, especially the meta universe.
        As a senior chain game developer, I think our direction should be more towards innovation. It can bring more gospel to the world.
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