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Ant financial blockchain launched an open alliance chain, which can handle 100000 cross chain messages per second

Time : 02/06/2022 Author : whqafm Click : + -
        On April 16, ant blockchain officially launched the "open alliance chain" for small and medium-sized enterprises, opening the technology and application capabilities of ant blockchain for the first time. From now on, small and medium-sized enterprise developers can develop relevant blockchain applications like building blocks, and build the future of the digital economy with ant blockchain. According to it home, ant gold began to develop an open alliance chain at the end of last year, reducing the threshold for small and medium-sized enterprises to "go online" to thousands of yuan. Based on the technology independently developed by ant blockchain, open alliance chain can support 1billion account scale and 1billion daily transaction volume, and realize 100000 cross chain message processing capabilities (PPS) per second.
        At present, dozens of solutions have been deposited on the open alliance chain, covering supply chain finance, logistics, charity and other scenarios. Developers develop an application system like building blocks, which can be quickly deployed by selecting the corresponding modules according to the business characteristics. According to iprdaily2017-2019 ranking list of intellectual property industry media, the number of ant blockchain patent applications has ranked first in the world for three consecutive years, with a total of 1005 in 2019, exceeding the sum of 2-4.
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