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Blockchain home,Weekly dynamics of blockchain of listed companies: 12 companies responded to the progress of blockchain, and 3 mentioned digital currency

Time : 06/01/2022 Author : u5bdna Click : + -
        At the end of the annual report quarter, according to the pulse statistics of mutual chain, listed companies this week rarely disclose blockchain related developments. In order to help readers better understand the blockchain development of listed companies, the pulse of mutual chain has specially selected the interoperability between some listed companies and investors on the interactive platform for reference. Among them, Shenzhou information, Feitian integrity and information development all discuss the research and layout of the company in the field of digital currency. Beijing North (002987) reply: the company submitted an invention patent application for "blockchain based bill management method, device, server and storage medium" to the China Intellectual Property Office on July 2, 2018, which has been accepted.
        Zhengyuan wisdom (300645) reply: at present, the application of blockchain technology in the education industry is still in its infancy, but with the promotion of policies and the development of technology, blockchain will have a broad application space in the education industry. Relying on Baidu's leading technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data, baidu super chain has launched more than a dozen full scene, industry wide and field wide solutions by innovating and combining blockchain technology. Dapp&mdash, the first smart campus developed by the company based on Baidu blockchain technology& mdash; E-campus provides a higher security transaction mechanism for payment transactions and fund settlement in campus scenarios.
        Q: your company is a service operator providing industry-specific cloud integrated solutions for Digital China. The main customer groups are government agencies, financial industries, etc. what financial industries have your blockchain and digital currency technology been applied to? Or with which financial institutions?. Information development (300469): apply blockchain technology to agricultural materials supply chain finance to build an alliance chain including manufacturers, wholesalers, retail stores, regulators, factoring agents, banks and other institutions. All transaction data of agricultural materials stores are linked in real time, and all parties on the alliance chain can see real-time data. Taking advantage of the characteristics of blockchain technology, such as decentralization and data tamperability, to endorse the authenticity of transaction data, the whole risk control process is carried out in the alliance chain, which greatly shortens the credit inspection cycle, establishes a credible credit system, relieves the financial pressure for small and micro enterprises, and reduces the performance risk for banks.
        Digital currency our company has completed relevant technical reserves. Whether relevant products are launched depends on policy and market factors. Hytera (002583) reply: optical communication and blockchain are business modules in the company's intelligent manufacturing field, which mainly provide customers with high-quality one-stop EMS services from product research and development, material procurement, precision manufacturing to global logistics. Q: on April 20, the State Intellectual Property Office released the promotion plan for implementing the "opinions on strengthening intellectual property protection" from 2020 to 2021: encourage arbitration commissions to strengthen industrial cooperation, study and establish a working platform for intellectual property arbitration, and formulate industrial arbitration norms.
        Support the establishment of notarial electronic deposit service alliance, and explore the application of blockchain and other scientific and technological means in the promotion of notarial electronic deposit technology---- Annie, please interpret the relationship between this document and the company's business from a professional perspective. As a layman, it seems to be closely related to the company's business, and it can be regarded as the direct support of the policy to the company's business, right?. Annie shares (002235) reply: blockchain electronic deposit is one of the applications of the company's blockchain technology. The company has established a cross chain data reference with Tianping chain of Beijing Internet court, and generated the first relevant case based on it, which can improve judicial efficiency. The issuance of this document is an encouragement to promote the application scenario of blockchain electronic deposit certificate, which is conducive to the development of the industry. Thank you.
        Q: according to, the blockchain service network (BSN) global business launch conference was grandly held in Beijing on the 25th. Liu Yunan, director of the National Information Center, expressed warm congratulations on the official launch of blockchain service network commerce. At present, the functions of the blockchain service network (BSN) have stabilized. At the same time, it has also spawned a number of innovative applications such as public charity, goods traceability, electronic invoices, and has played an active role in the prevention and control of this year's COVID-19. Hello, Secretary: does your company participate in the construction of blockchain service network (BSN)? What applications does your company use on the (BSN) platform?. Annie shares (002235) reply: the company is one of the first 14 members of BSN. The alliance uses the Internet concept to provide developers with a public blockchain resource environment, reduce the development, deployment, operation and maintenance, interoperability and supervision costs of blockchain applications, and promote the popularization and development of blockchain technology.
        With the development of the alliance, the promotion of blockchain applications is conducive to the enrichment of "blockchain +" application scenarios, and can provide a better environment for corresponding enterprises and industries. Thank you. Shenzhou information (000555) reply: the company has not established a financial technology company in xiong'an at present. The company has conducted research and layout on the application of blockchain technology to digital currency. The products and solutions developed based on blockchain technology can provide corresponding products and solutions for banks and other financial institutions. Relevant businesses are still in the stage of market development, with great uncertainty. Please pay attention to investment risks. Cross border link (002640) reply: the company has been committed to exploring technological innovation and R & D in cross-border e-commerce related fields.
        As for the exploration of blockchain technology, the company tried to use blockchain technology in the application of self operated platform gearbest payment tools in 2017; In the first half of 2018, based on the information flow, capital flow, goods flow and other scenarios of cross-border e-commerce, I deeply analyzed the application and development prospects of blockchain technology in the field of cross-border e-commerce ecological chain, including cross-border payment, cross-border logistics, cross-border marketing and promotion, cross-border brand commodity traceability, cross-border supply chain finance and so on. The company is optimistic about the application of blockchain technology in cross-border e-commerce related fields, and will continue to explore the practical application of blockchain technology to the company's business, but so far, the company has not carried out corresponding research and development work!.
        Jiaxun Feihong (300213) reply: the company held a "blockchain related technology and application training exchange meeting" to discuss the industrial application scenarios of blockchain with relevant industry experts. At present, the relevant teams of the company's Intelligent Research Institute have been tracking blockchain related technologies and industry applications. There is still uncertainty about whether blockchain technology can be implemented in the future. Investors are advised to pay attention to investment risks. At present, the company has not been involved in the field of digital currency. Business treasure (002095) reply: blockchain is a concept and technology that can be applied to many scenarios. The supply chain finance scenario is one of the most suitable scenarios for blockchain applications, and we are actively developing it.
        Guosheng financial holding (002670) reply: blockchain technology belongs to the frontier field and is gradually paid more attention by the society. In October 2019, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee conducted the 18th collective learning on the current situation and trends of blockchain technology development, set clear goals for China's blockchain development, and clearly accelerate the promotion of blockchain technology and industrial innovation and development. All major regulatory departments also continue to promote blockchain technical standards, so that industrial applications can be regulated. The people's Bank of China and the Ministry of industry and information technology issued relevant specifications and documents in February and April 2020 respectively. In addition, the China Securities Association released the key points of work for 2020 in April 2020, pointing out that it is necessary to study and promote the application research of new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data in the field of investment banking, explore the multi-party data rights and interests protection mechanism supported by blockchain Technology, and promote the best practice of the application of financial technology in the formation industry.
        The company continues to pay attention to frontier fields and try to invest in some frontier fields on the premise of controllable risks. In addition, the company's securities business research institute has set up a blockchain Research Institute, which focuses on the research of blockchain industry and its integration with the real economy, and has issued a series of reports such as the central bank's digital currency and blockchain electronic invoice. Q: Hello, Secretary! The central bank has launched a pilot project for the application of digital currency to expand more application scenarios such as retail catering. Will the company's recent public offering of 850million yuan be used for the technical research and development of digital currency application scenarios?. Feitian Chengxin (300386) reply: Hello, the projects involved in this non-public offering of the company contain hardware and system application content related to digital currency.
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