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Stock market Carnival! How to avoid being cut into leeks under the epic advantage of the strongest outlet on the blockchain station?

Time : 04/03/2022 Author : dk4r5m Click : + -
        1. From the rising trend of Xunlei and bitcoin, we can see the response of blockchain in the market, but investors must separate speculation from blockchain and treat it differently. 2. The trend of the K-line chart of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index fully reflects the popularity of the blockchain sector. In addition, the Shenzhen composite index is much stronger than the Shanghai index. Why? Because most blockchain concept stocks are precisely distributed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange and gem. 3. The market value also played a role in the rise of blockchain concept stocks. This has a lot to do with the rising proportion of institutional investors in the current market. On October 30, the A-share market continued to maintain the trend of weak shock consolidation, and blockchain concept stocks continued to show a differentiated market.
        At the close of the day, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.5% to 2939.32 points; The Shenzhen composite index fell 0.66% to 9681.54 points; The gem index fell 0.15% to 1684.08. The blockchain concept has entered the "knockout" stage since the 28th. The trend of individual stocks has differentiated, and the divergence of funds is also intensifying. The "explosion tide" at the end of the 29th attracted particular attention. In the last 15 minutes of trading, many blockchain concept stocks such as high beam software, Xinchen technology and gu'ao technology collectively opened the daily limit. Among them, gu'ao technology's share price was directly hit from the daily limit to approaching the daily limit, with an amplitude of 19.73% throughout the day. Blockchain has become a hot spot in the stock market overnight. Among hundreds of blockchain concept stocks, which are real gold? What are "chain rubbing"? This time, is there another tragedy of the main force cutting leeks and retail investors taking over the plate?.
        On October 24, the high-level meeting learned about the development status and future development trends of the blockchain industry, and the meeting emphasized that the integrated application of blockchain technology plays an important role in new technological innovation and industrial change. Blockchain has actively fermented the whole blockchain hype. On the day after the news came out, Xunlei, which was listed on NASDAQ in the United States, lost 70% of its share price in the past year, but its share price soared 107% in just one day, turning a somersault every day. Why? Because Xunlei is now an authentic blockchain concept stock. The other is bitcoin, which rose by 30% in two days, returning to $10000 / piece.
        These two targets can see the repercussions of the whole blockchain in the market. We need to pay attention to whether bitcoin and blockchain are the same thing? Maybe many money speculators now seem to see hope and dawn for bitcoin. In fact, bitcoin and blockchain are only specific applications, or blockchain is a top-level technology application, and bitcoin is only a specific embodiment of blockchain. Investors are hereby warned that money speculation and blockchain must be treated separately. The trend of the K-line chart of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index in the next two days fully reflects the popularity of the blockchain sector. Shenzhen composite index is much stronger than Shanghai Composite Index. Why? Because the vast majority of blockchain concept stocks are precisely distributed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the gem, it will be found that recently, the trend of the entire gem index is significantly stronger than the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index.
        This collective learning conference put forward four requirements, called "four requirements". The first requirement is to explore the application of blockchain + in the field of people's livelihood. Actively promote the application of blockchain technology in the fields of education, employment, pension, precision poverty eradication, medical and health care, commodity anti-counterfeiting, food safety, public welfare, social assistance and so on, so as to provide people with more intelligent, convenient and high-quality public services. The core of blockchain is actually two things. First, the so-called decentralization, and the other is that data cannot be tampered with. In fact, in the storage field, blockchain has a core technology called digital encryption. Blockchain can be effectively combined with the Internet of things, and the very important concept is called animal traceability.
        Animal traceability means that when customers buy any piece of pork in the supermarket, they can tell the pig where it was raised through its tag and RFID? Which slaughterhouse was it slaughtered in later? Finally, it will be delivered to the terminal of the supermarket. Blockchain + can make the transmission of data faster and allow customers to more accurately understand the whole process of animal traceability. Another very important thing is in the fields of education, employment and health care. Why should blockchain + exist in these fields? It will greatly improve the overall operational efficiency. The second requirement is to promote the combination of blockchain underlying technical services and the construction of new smart cities.
        Many households now have smart electricity meters and smart water meters. If the underlying technology of blockchain is further strengthened, it will greatly promote the improvement of the overall service efficiency. The third requirement is to use blockchain technology to promote the interconnection of information, capital, talent and credit investigation between cities. In short, many people's files will now be placed in the corresponding talent market database. The retrieval of archives will be very cumbersome. However, with blockchain, since there is no centralization, every data can be accessed at any terminal. The last requirement is to explore the use of blockchain data sharing mode to achieve cross departmental and cross regional government data.
        That is, don't waste your time. Now many department data can't be shared instantly. This is also why people often issue various certificates in various departments, and even how to prove that "your mother is your mother" and "how to prove that I am myself". In the future blockchain applications, there will be no such jokes. Blockchain has been a hot topic in the market recently. With the hype of blockchain concept cooling down in the past two days, many A-share companies issued announcements to disclose the progress of blockchain projects and remind risks. As of the close on the 30th, the total volume of transactions in Shanghai and Shenzhen was 467.3 billion yuan, a significant decrease of 71.7 billion yuan from 539 billion yuan in the previous trading day. Historical experience shows that with the passage of time, the differentiation of blockchain concept stocks will become a trend, and the leading stocks tested by the market still have the possibility of soaring, while the concept stocks neglected by funds under the differentiation market will eventually be beaten back to their original shape.
        Blockchain concept stocks fell significantly, and many stocks have fallen by the limit for two consecutive times. In fact, many stocks rose for one day on Monday, and fell continuously on Tuesday and Wednesday. Why is there such a trend? Let's look at another blockchain concept stock. Many varieties have been trading for three to four consecutive trading limits so far, plus the trading limits of last Friday and this Wednesday, including Xinhu Zhongbao and easy to see shares, which have been rising continuously. Why is there such a big contrast between the overall trend and market performance of blockchain concept stocks? First, whether it can be specifically applied in procurement in the future.
        For example, pharmaceutical enterprises have a volume purchase. Can drugs be included in the medical insurance catalogue. To put it bluntly, after drugs enter the medical insurance catalogue, drug sales will be guaranteed, because it can go through medical insurance; If it is not in this directory, sales will be affected. There are two groups of lists for the filing of blockchain information service of the office of cyberspace, some of which are listed companies and some are non listed companies, such as Anne shares. Anne shares has a blockchain service platform of Anne copyright, which is actually a platform for user exchange and information interaction. In blockchain applications, it is the concrete embodiment of the actual underlying applications. The other is Hailian Jinhui.
        It serves data transmission and data sharing among financial institutions in the financial industry through the financial supply chain service system, and can achieve big data retrieval through the system of Hailian Jinhui. Many listed companies actually have core technologies, including Xinhu Zhongbao. Why is the recent trend of Xinhu Zhongbao stock exceptionally strong? Because Chen Chun, the former chairman of Xinhu Zhongbao and now the chairman of Hangzhou fun chain technology, explained the whole industry of blockchain and the specific applications of blockchain technology at the collective learning meeting on the 24th, its trend is very strong. Because what does the market think of it? Since the teacher is teaching, his company must have core technology in the industry and take the lead in future applications.
        Look at the second batch, among which there are several listed companies, including Xinchen technology, Oriental Wealth, hande information and high beam software. In fact, the trend of these stocks is not as strong as that of the first batch, but the company's business has a feature, basically doing financial electronic payment, including the specific application of digital currency. Like Xinchen technology, it has a letter of credit transmission system, and all people's livelihood is related to it. The market value also plays a role in the rise of blockchain concept stocks. If the stock market value of blockchain related concepts is relatively large, according to the past, the elasticity will naturally be poor if the volume is large, but Xinhu Zhongbao is actually a continuous limit.
        Why can it still perform like this when its market value is the largest? It has a lot to do with the rising proportion of institutional investors in the current market. In this year's market, not many stocks with a market value of less than 5billion yuan are doing better. Instead, stocks with a market value of more than 10 billion, 20 billion and 30 billion yuan are doing better. Why? It can have more public funds and social security funds, so that large institutions can participate. Therefore, many of the increases this time are relatively large in market value, such as easy to see shares, Hailian Jinhui, Zhejiang University net new. These companies with relatively large market value have performed well; Instead, companies with relatively small market capitalization are not so strong in this wave of market.
        Why is blockchain different from virtual currency and bitcoin? Because all virtual currencies are regulated in China. Does it recognize it? Because virtual currency will have a disruptive impact on the currency issuance system of sovereign countries, many countries do not recognize virtual currency. However, blockchain and virtual currency are two different things, because blockchain is a technical means. Bitcoin, including Ethereum, is only a specific application of blockchain. As a technical means, the core of the future lies in the following aspects. First, financial services. Financial services will be the core area of blockchain at present and in the future, because blockchain has irreplaceable advantages in transaction clearing, settlement and cross-border payment.
        Another is the Internet of things, especially the traceability and anti-counterfeiting of goods in the Internet of things. The effective combination of blockchain and the Internet of things is also very critical. The last area is medical health, which enables hospitals to share information. In the past, you may have to bring a medical record book to a hospital, or when it comes to hospital reexamination, you can only go to the original hospital. But now you can go to other hospitals for reexamination. Why? Because other hospitals can easily access the information of patients' past medical treatment from the hospital I previously reviewed. In fact, it is beneficial to the common people. The question is whether privacy can be seen by other users on other terminals? Actually not.
        Because it has a very powerful technology called encryption. After encryption, only computers can interpret these languages. In the future, the core of the whole blockchain is actually digital security, and supervision must be strengthened. At the same time, listed companies related to digital security may be the core concept of blockchain in the next step.
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