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NFT software development: how do digital collections make money? Look at foreign digital real estate

Time : 11/10/2021 Author : wd7ian Click : + -
        "Some cryptocurrency billionaires and cryptocurrency Millionaires don't really use their cryptocurrency except actually putting it in their wallets," Okada told coindesk in an interview. "I think this is the combination of my real estate knowledge and NFT interest.". 109-111W.24thSt. NFT itself is not the actual contract of property. It is an additional security layer that can avoid any potential large-scale phishing or list errors. Once NFT is purchased, the buyer must complete all steps of non blockchain real estate transactions, except for the transfer of funds. Buyers are also encouraged to talk to the company and negotiate prices before completing the sale.
        (Okada said that eight potential buyers have expressed interest.). This sale symbolizes the innovative use case of NFT and its legal restrictions. The real estate registration system in New York makes it impossible to list actual behavior as NFT. "This sale is really a bridge between old-fashioned real estate servers and blockchain," Okada said. "I will try to find out the connection problem on that bridge. It may not be in New York, it may have to be, you know, Westchester or Miami, or it may be a forward-looking city.". Okada said that his company has been trying to implement the blockchain method in the past few months, but it has encountered legal disputes in the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), involving the United States, where the ownership of real estate sales is scattered.
        "Although I believe we are moving towards storing real estate ownership on the chain, and we can realize property transfer and sales through the chain mechanism, we haven't done this yet," exlawyer.eth, an anonymous encryption lawyer, told coindesk "Although it is exciting to see how people believe that blockchain can be used, this is just an example of some innovative uses we will see in the coming months and years.". Although this sale will be the first commercial office space sold as NFT, the residential market has seen a fair share of blockchain participation. NFT real estate company propy in February.
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