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Tsinghua Economic Management EMBA "blockchain application examples and cutting-edge discussion" Changsha lecture

Time : 28/05/2022 Author : m7x1jp Click : + -
        Chinanews, Hunan News, March 16 (Liu Zhuzhi) - on March 16, the "blockchain application examples and cutting-edge discussion" of Tsinghua University EMBA Hunan Alumni Association, organized by Dahan international craftsmanship academy, opened in Changsha. More than 200 guests from political, business and academic circles gathered together to look forward to the blueprint of the digital society. Zhang Jian, vice chairman of Hunan CPPCC and chairman of Hunan Federation of industry and commerce, Tan Xiaoping, member of the Standing Committee of Changsha Municipal Party committee and head of the United Front Work Department, and Jia Li, director of the EMBA education center of Tsinghua University of economics and management, were invited to attend the seminar. In his speech at the conference, Zhang Jian said that private enterprises are the main body of innovation in the forefront and are also an area of national focus.
        The blockchain seminar held this time shows that the "pioneers" in Hunan have a keen sense of smell and a strong sense of innovation. He hoped that private entrepreneurs in Hunan would seize the great opportunity and make new contributions to the innovation and rise of Hunan. Tan Xiaoping said in his speech that Changsha is an important city in the central region and is promoting high-quality development. The driving force of high-quality development is science and technology. Cutting edge technologies such as big data and blockchain have been integrated with economic, social and government functions. I hope you can take this opportunity to make suggestions and contributions to the innovation and development of Hunan. As the director of the EMBA education center of Tsinghua University of economics and management, Jia Li introduced the deep relationship between Tsinghua University and Hunan, and called on Hunan Entrepreneurs and alumni to contribute to the local economic and social development.
        Fu Shenglong, chairman of Dahan group, founder of Dahan international craftsmanship academy and President of Tsinghua University EMBA Hunan Alumni Association, delivered a speech with the theme of "blockchain technology — — application idea sharing". It is reported that the enterprise set up a special scientific research team 10 years ago to engage in digital research. At present, Dahan group has completed the transformation from a traditional enterprise to an Internet enterprise, creating internet platforms such as dada buy steel, build cloud, dada craftsman, etc. Professor He Ping, director of the financial research center and director of the blockchain Research Center, School of economics and management, Tsinghua University, Professor Peng Yu, School of computer science, National University of Defense Science and technology, and Dr. Dai Weiguo, winner of the national science and technology progress award, delivered speeches on blockchain Technology, artificial intelligence and digital economy.
        At the round table forum of "global blockchain comparison", experts shared the connection between blockchain technology and ordinary people's lives, and answered the difficult problems of enterprises across the country in the application of blockchain technology, providing guidance for enterprises to independently explore blockchain technology. (end).
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