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Super theme coming soon trillion funds Carnival! What happened to blockchain? Big men gamble on Chengmai Technology

Time : 27/10/2021 Author : kowfch Click : + -
        The big leaders of the two cities have gone out of the "cool" trend in the intraday trading. The most obvious is that blockchain stocks have serious differentiation around 13:45. Those sealed so dead, such as easy to see shares and global printing, have fried the board, and have a little collective behavior. In this case, there will only be two situations, either the intraday guidance of the exchange or the sudden stop of playing with funds!. Of course, since the outbreak of blockchain, people's daily and Xinhua news agency have frequently issued documents, and the strength has also made the market expect strict supervision. And today, many stocks are not blocked, which also increases the possibility of this expectation. Many hot money also fled the blockchain today. The contact interactive little crocodile sold 35.73 million, the xuanya international Shangtang road sold 23.35 million, the two seats for stock speculation and family support sold 25 million, the Xinnan road of Annie stock market sold 33.1 million, and the gu'ao technology little crocodile sold 9.37 million. In addition, it is easy to see the stock fried board, which is likely to be smashed by the little crocodile.
        Hot money is the best way to know whether there is regulation in the session. Judging from its sales, there may be, or it may feel that the blockchain can't work, but "hard board" such as easy to see shares smash the disk and flee, which may really be the expectation of "intraday regulation". 2. The second China International Import Expo will be held in Shanghai from November 5 to 10. That is to say, the China International Fair opened on Tuesday, and the first China International Fair announced the establishment of the science and technology innovation board! The specification of the second China International Fair is no lower than that of the first. After the first session of the Expo, the science and technology innovation board was born, and the market of venture capital + Unicorn + science and technology innovation board erupted (November 18), and then the technology stocks entered the stage of crazy speculation (March 19), technology! It has become the biggest theme in the current market!.
        The two major markets of super themes kicked off after the Expo, and this time it is worth looking forward to, and you can see that important guests have arrived in Shanghai at the weekend!. Of course, you can also feel some topics from a few words. The first topic is: hard technology! The second topic is: financial reform, especially the introduction of registration system on GEM. However, from the perspective of specifications, there will probably be big issues. Of course, once there is a big issue, there will be super theme opportunities!. The index stabilized and the popularity recovered, but the explosion of theme stocks hit the popularity to a certain extent. 29 stocks in the two cities rose by the limit, 32 stocks were opened, and the closure rate was 47.54%, while only 6 stocks were even listed, and the explosion of stocks increased in the session, which hit the short-term popularity to a certain extent; Technology leaders and heavyweights performed relatively strongly.
        In terms of themes, blockchain, medicine and science and technology themes are active, but there are explosive differentiation in the blockchain disk, which is higher than expected. Although the market as a whole is stable, there is still a wave of plate explosion in the market, such as Xinhu Zhongbao and easy to see shares, which still has a great impact on the popularity. Now the popularity is still a little unstable, of course, the current strong stocks are still a little unstable; Blockchain is very interesting today. The second mining has started, but the first wave of taps has exploded. We can also see the differences in funds. Global printing: This is the blockchain leader of the second wave, with three boards. However, today, the two leaders of the first wave are all fried. These heights of the second wave may be affected unless a demon stock appears in the second wave; If the current blockchain does not change the leader, the whole theme may die, so see if there will be a new leader, and the possibility of global printing becoming a new leader is still relatively large.
        Huayang Lianzhong: on November 1, digital marketing service provider Huayang Lianzhong and blockchain platform Xunlei chain officially released the first new user value realization platform based on blockchain technology in China — Magellan CVP (consumervalueplatform). This is the excavated blockchain concept stock, and the concept is now more authentic. The blockchain explosion itself has also been driven by the rapid rise. Now it is a very authentic concept, and it may also become a second wave leader. Rambler: technology leader, TWS headphone industry chain leader, and the whole concept is relatively strong, becoming a new branch of the outbreak of technology leader.
        This afternoon, blockchain disagreements are a little big, especially the first wave of leading companies have appeared fried board, such as Xinhu Zhongbao, easy to see shares and so on are large-scale models, which are still very destructive to funds, so the blockchain disagreements are coming again, and the two stock boards like easy to see shares and Sifang Jingchuang are fried a little strange, both fried at 13:47, which is very unusual. Judging from the unusual explosion, there may be "guidance" in the blockchain. Although the individual stocks hyped twice are good, the blockchain really needs to be cautious first. Combined with the occurrence of the official media, it is still very likely to be "guided"!. Hua Yang Lianzhong: on November 1, the company released the user value realization platform "Magellan" developed jointly with Xunlei chain, which is a newly excavated authentic blockchain stock and is expected to become the leader of the second hype.
        Event driven and more explosive than expected, the theme is generally after the first outbreak, and the relay on the next day is very critical. Of course, we can also see the strength of the theme, and many themes may be one-day market; Of course, you can also test the popularity from the side. The focus of observation should first be on the front row stocks or popular stocks. Recently, science and technology leaders have become active again, which is expected to usher in a rising trend. Science and technology leaders such as lingyizhizao and goer Co., Ltd. have been significantly driven, and ramblers have also seen a sharp rise recently. They are the leaders of the TWS industrial chain. From this point of view, many science and technology leaders are still in the process of birth, and traditional science and technology leaders such as Inspur information and Chinese software have also risen. It seems that the market has increased its attention to science and technology leaders, Technology leaders still have another wave of expectations.
        When the index stabilizes and rebounds, the theme activity increases, and the market sentiment is relatively good, the blockchain explosion is a little more than expected. Either the market has great differences on the blockchain, or the blockchain stocks have "intraday guidance", so we should be cautious. However, the recovery of technology stocks and the weighting stocks are good, and the popularity behind it should be OK. Xintonglian: the transfer of controlling shares + the expectation of asset injection, strong reverse contracting, there are two waves of expectations, and the recent speculation cycle of equity stocks and demon stocks is relatively long. Huawei + technology + self-control +5g+ Internet of things + consumer electronics: some technology leaders are up, and it is estimated that the popularity of technology stocks will rise again.
        Hot money has strong expectations for the differentiation of blockchain concepts. There is not much big hot money to receive the offer, but a lot of big hot money to sell. The contact interactive little crocodile sold 35.73 million, xuanya international Shangtang road sold 23.35 million, the two seats for stock speculation and family support sold 25million, Annie shares sold 33.1 million at Xinnan Road, gu'ao technology little crocodile sold 9.37 million. In addition, it is easy to see that the stock fried board is likely to be smashed by small crocodiles. Moreover, today's big hot money did not come out much. Happy sea bought 7.08 million from Huabei pharmaceutical, 10.96 million from Jingxin pharmaceutical, and 12.51 million from ramblers. Zhang Jianping operated Chengmai technology.
        This is just a stock that securities companies crazy promote demons, mainly because it holds Wuhan shenzhidu. Shenzhidu technology is an excellent mobile phone operating system manufacturer in China. It is favored by many institutions and was once bought by institutions. However, now institutions are still crazy to buy. On Friday, institutions bought 65million limit, and today, institutions bought 23million, which is a typical boost of institutional violence!. Moreover, the first wave was also a burst of institutional buying, with the participation of hot money, and then seven boards of violence. Now, institutions are going to have another wave, and Zhenning road is also buying 37.35 million, and the big hot money Zhang Jianping is also doing t operation. As expected, it is a big demon stock, and all of them are super capital participation, which is expected to be the second wave of speculation.
        The total net inflow of the two cities is -1.409 billion, of which the inflow is 230.578 billion and the outflow is 231.987 billion. The industry with the largest net inflow is the electronic components industry, and the industry with the largest net outflow is the transportation equipment industry; The main net inflow was 5.346 billion.
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