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The influence of the metauniverse on the future and its development trend

Time : 10/05/2022 Author : 0lk74c Click : + -
        Li Yan: metauniverse is the next generation Internet. It uses virtual reality to explore the real world. It is a cloud virtual world parallel to the real world. The application of the Internet in a three-dimensional, interactive and immersive way can be called the meta universe. As a tool, the form of Internet has changed from relying on text, pictures, audio and video at the earliest, to immersive access to three-dimensional virtual space. Data, digital products, content and IP can pass through the meta universe, but the meta universe is not an independent world, which is closely related to the real world. Li PI: the meta universe is at the beginning of chaos, with bright prospects. It is a change in the form of industrial civilization and the evolution of Internet technology.
        Metauniverse is a change in the form of civilization presented by a large number of technology agreements that can be combined and can confirm the right to unite people and assets through interactive agreements. Metauniverse is mainly composed of explicit technology and implicit system. Explicit technology is mainly responsible for network three-dimensional presentation, such as VR, Mr, AR technology, digital twin technology and other immersive experience to bring new perception; Implicit system is mainly responsible for the internal operation of network interaction, including digital right confirmation and procedural operation mechanism, and an economic system that connects users and assets by means of smart contracts. Metauniverse is supported by network computing, artificial intelligence, game technology, ar/vr technology, blockchain technology and intelligent contract platform system.
        Chen Wei: the metauniverse includes two meanings, that is, the universe goes beyond the social networking, games, entertainment and other fields before the Internet, and covers more scenes and contents; Meta means platformization. Everyone can use platformization tools to build and release production factors. Metauniverse is a comprehensive form of the Internet in the next stage after PC Internet and mobile Internet. Li Yan: in the era of the meta universe, people entered the new Internet with the help of various devices and new content. XR technology and cloud rendering technology are developing. In the future, hardware devices related to the metauniverse may not be realized by Ar and VR glasses. With the continuous iteration and evolution of technology, 3D, interactive and immersive can be realized by mobile phones.
        At present, Baidu has launched the meta universe product xirang, which has created a multi person interaction space that spans virtual and reality, and will achieve technological innovation breakthroughs in vision, hearing, and interaction. Zhao Bingwen: at present, it is difficult for virtual reality devices to achieve a breakthrough, and it takes time. But don't be pessimistic. The foundation of the meta universe is not empty. For example, the network environment has developed from 5g to 6G; The development of VR, AR and MR in virtual reality interface, and the development of brain computer interface; Self matching of artificial intelligence and machine learning in high-performance data processing; Development of blockchain technology in relationship authentication; Digital twins and the development of virtual content processing in virtual society.
        Chen Wei: there are progressive breakthroughs in the main hardware technologies of metauniverse, such as 5g from 100m to Gigabit, VR from 1K to 4K, and the superposition effect produced by more hardware combinations has a far-reaching impact. For example, Facebook is renamed meta, and its social attributes are changing from 2D screen to immersive experience. The wide application of technologies including augmented reality and virtual reality is building the future development of interpersonal networking. At present, the metauniverse product technology and applications in various fields are more limited to their own small metauniverses, and the connectivity between small universes needs to be further expanded. In the future, technical services in various fields and circles and the construction of a new generation of infrastructure will complement and develop with the gradual improvement of metauniverse itself.
        Li Zhenqian: the virtual world is composed of information, the real world is composed of energy, and information is driven by energy. The two are essentially inseparable. The meta universe is an upgraded form of the interface between human beings, human beings and machines, material and information, which helps to promote the progress and development of human society, just as the invention of containers has an impact on the division of production and cooperation of human globalization, and the invention of words has an impact on the development of human history. Chen Wei: the meta universe is composed of eight elements, namely identity, social interaction, immersion, low latency, diversity, anytime, anywhere, economic system and civilization. Its conceptual extension is constantly changing, bringing new growth points to human development. Taking social attributes as an example, people can experience online 3D panoramic videos, participate in parties, work, study, play, shopping, creation, etc., and gain a new experience unimaginable for the current cognition of computers and mobile phones.
        Take immersion as an example. Games have high requirements for immersion. Similar to Disney and other entertainment groups, three-dimensional, interactive and immersion through technology will surpass existing possibilities, screen limitations, distance and physical limitations, and move towards a new future. Zhao Bingwen: metauniverse has brought the development of many emerging industries, such as virtual reality, cloud computing, blockchain, etc. Moreover, the comprehensive interweaving state of virtual reality and real society has formed a production mode and lifestyle combining virtual reality and reality, and formed a new order, new feelings and new rules. Therefore, the changes brought about by the meta universe to human development are not simple technological changes and changes in application rules, but all-round, multi-level, virtual and real integration.
        Li PI: the upgrading of civilization has brought about changes in social development. The accounting methods with identity, from cash, fixed assets, stocks, bonds to digital currency, have accelerated the growth rate of wealth created by the digital economy. Taking games as an example, games are the embryonic form of the meta universe. In the game world, the game changes in the form of three-dimensional interaction make players become the builders of assets and accounts in the virtual network. Users can participate in the game to realize the construction and participation of the meta universe, create virtual wealth through labor, connect with the real world, fully meet users' production content and use digital currency to trade virtual goods, and form the wealth increment of the real world. Wu Zhongyuan: Taking the application of blockchain technology as an example, it is a part of the hidden meta universe, which is mainly based on the confirmation of rights in the virtual world to achieve interaction and identity authentication to obtain wealth benefits.
        Chai Yongchun: human beings have the desire and pursuit to realize the integrated development of the virtual world and the real world. Metauniverse pursues the acme and authenticity of experience, presents the basic characteristics of characters and emotional characteristics in the virtual world, and replaces the interaction of real life to a greater extent, such as online education, online office, virtual manufacturing, etc., which is closely related to reality, close to reality, and has a wide range of applications. Li Yan: in the future, the Internet, like the real world, will present a more equal dimensional effect, bring new experiences and surprises, and meet people's needs for a better life. The positive and irreversible trend of the yuan universe is moving forward. Chen Wei: computer vision, face recognition, eye tracking, artificial intelligence, ar/vr and other related technologies, capital and talents promote the development of emerging industries and the birth of metauniverse.
        Digital life and network life gradually replace real life. The development of meta universe "empowers" people's better life and recreates new experience and new content, which is the necessity of human future development. Zhao Bingwen: the composition of virtual reality and real society creates various symbiotic forms to meet the social needs of human civilization and promote the progress of human society. As a huge system, metauniverse completes this process through immersion, participation and demand compensation, which is inevitable for future development. At the same time, virtual applications based on real society are closely intertwined with real society, and there will be no self destruction. Hu Jianfeng: the meta universe is the inevitable development of mankind in the future.
        From a technical perspective, the development of basic technologies such as ar/vr, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and digital twins is a new driving force and growth to promote social development. From the economic perspective, virtual world consumption related to spirit, entertainment, desire and so on has created new venues and new logic of consumption in the virtual world. From a social perspective, taking the family as the unit and the organization as the unit represents the group construction of the real society, and taking the blockchain community as the unit represents the new construction of the individual group of the virtual society. From the institutional perspective, the new forces of the Internet have broken the social wealth distribution mechanism and redistributed new wealth. From the human perspective, the integration of the virtual world and the real world is a new narrative of the value of life.
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