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Sermon blockchain | the creation block of bitcoin in 10 years has changed the historical process

Time : 01/07/2022 Author : cfsxha Click : + -
        In the past ten hours, encryption enthusiasts all over the world have been holding the 10th anniversary of the creation of bitcoin block. The mining time of this block is about utc18:15:05. Hardcore encryption enthusiasts believe that the software developed by anonymous creator satoshinakamoto has changed people's view of money since then, and that the impact of this technology on the global economy will change the course of history. Ten years ago, on the eve of Halloween in 2008, an anonymous developer, Satoshi Nakamoto, released a bitcoin paper called peer-to-peer e-cash system. Two months later, on January 3, 2009, when Zhongben mined Block 0, the network was officially launched and the bitcoin blockchain was used.
        There are several reasons for the particularity of Chuangshi block, because it has characteristics that thousands of subsequent mining blocks do not have. For example, the genesis block is hard coded into most software clients that use the chain as a reference and infrastructure. In addition, at the time of creation, the block was awarded to miners 50btc, but the creation block is an undissolved amount that will always contain these 50 tokens. Until today, no one knows whether Nakamoto Cong has made these tokens unable to circulate for some special reasons. Over the years, many fans have also sent funds to the location of Genesis. At the time of publication, there were a total of 66.9 BTCs there. Browse the dust transaction list sent to Genesis address, and you can find the information of asking Nakamoto for tokens, because many senders hope that the creator will return additional funds to them.
        Another interesting fact about the genesis block is that many historians believe that it is PC Mining Powered by windows. Bitcoin version 0.1, the first original implementation was written in the coding language c++, originally a windowsgui application. This means that the first block of mining was originally processed by PC CPU alone. After the completion of zone 0, people used this method of mining for two years. The hash of the genesis block has two additional leading hexadecimal zeros, which are not seen in today's block creation (except for the infamous 21e800 hash on June 19, 2018).
        The "input" content in the generated bitcoin block contains the so-called "coinbase parameter". In the genesis block, one of the most interesting examples, this parameter is considered to be hard coded text stored in the chain. There are many theories that can explain why Nakamoto created this article, one of the most popular saying, which is a wise signal for the economic crisis in 2008 and the subsequent bank bailout. In addition to the coinbase parameter, when someone decrypts the hexadecimal format, the message also displays the backward written text of "Chancellor of the exchequer emergency assistance". Nakamoto used his CPU to mine bitcoin and spent six days to find block 1 on January 9 after the creation of the genesis block. Some people believe that this day is also the birthday of bitcoin.
        Some bitcoin lovers also assume that Nakamoto made a breakthrough between mining areas 0-1. In order to make the time axis represent the creation story of the Bible, it took God seven days to create the earth. Three days later, Nakamoto sent the first transaction to the developer Hal · Halfinney (Cryptologist, Internet geek, anarchist, technology entrepreneur, speculative capitalist) decided to run the software and accepted 10 BTCs provided by the founder. In fact, the day after fini ran the bitcoin protocol on his computer, block 1 was mined on January 10 and the software of that day was released on twitter.
        However, although Finney was the first known or confirmed recipient of bitcoin, Nakamoto sent tokens to many people on the same day. The creator also chose to send tokens from block 9 instead of funds from blocks 1-8 for another unknown reason. On March 19, 2013, Finney explained how excited he was about the agreement after the anonymous inventor released the agreement:. "When Satoshi announced the first version of the software, I immediately caught it — — I think I was the first person to run bitcoin besides Nakamoto," Finney explained. "I excavated some things in block 70. I was the recipient of the first bitcoin transaction. At that time, Nakamoto sent me 10 tokens as a test — — in the next few days, I had an email conversation with Nakamoto, mainly because I reported errors and he fixed them.
        ”。 With the passage of time, the creation of bitcoin creation block and the opening stage of the network slowly gathered more supporters. Until today, we don't know what happened to Nakamoto when the founder left in 2010, when he had mined nearly 1million bitcoins. Since then, the company has disdained this technology year after year, while bitcoin has grown steadily. At the same time, a large number of geeks and political idealists began to believe that the protocol would completely overturn the entire monetary system on a global scale. After six years of mining in Zone 0, before trying to commercialize it in 2015, financial elites called cryptocurrencies garbage.
        Bitmex sent a thank-you letter to Nakamoto on the front page of the times on January 3, 2019. The home page includes the hash of bitcoin 554509 block, in which "thank you Satoshi (Zhongben)" is added to the jihanwu and mining pool coinbase parameters of bitcoin. Zhongben software is not only a principle breakthrough in computer science, but also an equivalent, open, secure, anti censorship, and the most deliverable currency type in history. Since the creation of Chuangshi block 10 years ago, technological innovation has been allowed to be traded in a purely voluntary free market.
        Transactions between individuals around the world are conducted across hundreds of invisible borders without permission, and do not require any pre-existing trust. The innovation that Nakamoto brought to the world in 2008 is the "black swan" of the current monetary system, equipped with a positive feedback loop. It is undoubtedly an event worthy of celebration that it can survive 10 years of turbulence and tests.
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