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China's "blockchain city index" and "mutual security city index" were released

Time : 31/03/2022 Author : mv69zb Click : + -
        The news that the first application scenario of digital currency will land in Suzhou urban area triggered the continuous rise and fall of digital currency concept stocks; On April 20, the national development and Reform Commission made it clear for the first time that blockchain would be included in the scope of "new infrastructure". On April 29, the International New Economy Research Institute jointly released the "China blockchain city index" and the "China mutual aid and security city index" lists. Shenzhen ranks first in the blockchain city index, and Shanghai ranks first in the mutual aid security index. It is reported that this is the first time that a research institution in the world has released the list of China mutual aid security index, which has aroused great concern in the market. As a senior and neutral academic institution committed to theoretical research and solutions such as the new financial economy and blockchain technology, the International Institute of new economy purchases data from authoritative platforms such as CEIC Huanya economic data Co., Ltd., the National Bureau of statistics, the official websites of local governments, and various blockchain research institutions. After expert analysis and research, these two lists are summarized.
        The "China blockchain city index" ranks China's 100 major cities according to the economic development level of major cities, registered residence population, financial infrastructure construction of urban digital economy development, etc. Shenzhen, Chengdu and Suzhou, the pilot cities for the implementation of the central bank's digital currency DCEP, ranked first, 12th and 17th on the list respectively. Xiong'an new area has not been listed yet. One of the important landing application scenarios of blockchain technology is the mutual support industry. According to the registered residence population, government social security and employment expenditure, government medical and health care and family planning expenditure, and the number of Internet access, the "China hundred cities mutual assistance security index" has carried out Internet scores and per capita security scores for major cities in China, and announced the top 100 mutual assistance security cities in China, including Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing.
        Mr. tonyfu, executive director of the International New Economy Research Institute and senior consultant of the easy chip EAS mutual aid security platform, said: in several months of investigation and analysis, we found that the blockchain index and the mutual aid security city index have a certain degree of consistency. For example, Beijing and Shenzhen, which rank in the top three, not only rank first in the country in the development of blockchain, but also lead other cities in the field of residents' mutual aid security. Blockchain enabling mutual support products have great potential, and these cities that have ranked high will have the first mover advantage. There are many reasons why some cities rank low. Blockchain is a new technology, which makes it possible for cities to catch up.
        Easy chip EAS mutual support platform is designed based on blockchain. In the context of the epidemic, it is believed that this product can contribute to improving the mutual support of residents and the implementation and application of blockchain. Mutual aid security refers to the collective collection of medical expenses for the recipients by members based on the contract after the event. The strength of a city's mutual aid security atmosphere can reflect the economic development level of a city. The mutual treasure plan launched by Alibaba and the domestic free serious illness fund-raising platform waterdrop are typical network mutual assistance plans based on the traditional Internet structure. With the development of blockchain technology, blockchain mutual support products will be the direction of future development. The two lists have been distributed to well-known economists, economists, securities analysts, fund managers and professional researchers in advance, and are expected to provide important reference value for national government departments to lay out the blockchain industry and promote the development of the blockchain mutual support industry.
        In the future, the International Institute of new economics will update the list to the public from time to time.
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