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5g "tide technology" is coming

Time : 05/05/2022 Author : 0r9728 Click : + -
        Recently, the ICT Industry Development Forum of 5g era was held in China Optics Valley Science and Technology Exhibition Center. The experts present at the meeting showed people the sci-fi 5g new technology, new applications and new ecology. "5g and Beidou complement and promote each other, and together constitute the infrastructure of the intelligent era." Liu Jingnan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and director of the national satellite positioning system engineering center, believes that 5g can enhance the accuracy and reliability of Beidou Positioning; Beidou can empower 5g, make information have "birth certificate" and "life track" containing space-time location information, and become the commanding height of the future "communication + navigation" technology development. Liu Jingnan said that the network construction must integrate 5g communication base stations with Beidou navigation system, so that 5g whole network base stations, gateways and main servers can be equipped with Beidou "nanosecond" (one billionth of a second) time system and "centimeter" coordinate system to form an ultra-high-density ground-based enhanced network to provide hardware support for ubiquitous sensing network.
        Liu Jingnan revealed that at present, innovative applications based on 5g+ Beidou, such as accurate weather forecasting, will come out of the laboratory. Through three-dimensional modeling of atmospheric humidity, it will be possible to predict how many millimeters of rain will fall between the two streets at what time, and the surrounding environment of vehicles, roads and road networks can realize full-time space sensing control, making the automatic driving of intelligent Internet connected vehicles safer. 5g foldable flexible e-book, 5g+vr skiing, 5g intelligent driving, intelligent dialogue robot &hellip& hellip; In the hall on the second floor of Optics Valley Science and Technology Exhibition Center, a dizzying array of cool applications fill people's eyes. In the 5g exhibition area of Chinatelecom, a 5g intelligent IOT system, with the help of ultra clear camera, face recognition equipment, big data algorithm, intelligent AI analysis and other technologies, can realize community high-altitude parabolic detection, personnel access management, reservation parking, automatic door opening and other intelligent services.
        In the 5g exhibition area of Unicom, the cute fist guessing robot, using 5g+ intelligent recognition technology, can recognize each other's gestures and make corresponding gestures. Shi Jun, deputy general manager of Chinatelecom Wuhan Branch, said that with the popularity of 5g networks, various medical devices have become a part of the application of the Internet of things. Rural areas that currently lack medical facilities will also greatly benefit from remote consultation and remote surgery. It is predicted that the number of Internet of things connections in China will reach 5.38 billion in 2025, of which 5g Internet of things connections will reach 3.93 billion. From 2020 to 2025, the domestic 5g will directly drive the economic output of 10.6 trillion yuan. With the indirect part, the total economic output will be as high as 35.4 trillion yuan.
        For consumers, 5g mobile phones are undoubtedly closer terminal devices. On November 1, 5g packages of the three major operators were officially launched. Hubei Daily's all media reporter learned from the three operators that 400000 people had tasted 5g packages in less than half a month. Deng Yuehua, deputy inspector of Hubei Provincial Communications Administration, revealed that new services such as 5g+ smart community, 5g+ live video, 5g+ security and 5g+ remote rescue have been put into use in the military games. "Blockchain technology will build a new ecosystem of Internet services and become a new engine to drive the development of the digital economy." Tan min, head of the digital economy technology promotion group of China Mobile Design Institute, believes that every information revolution stems from changing information transmission, storage and application, so as to reconstruct human productivity and production relations.
        Blockchain is a new way of data transmission, storage and application based on the Internet. Tan Min said that the blockchain of computer technology integration and innovation has tamper proof characteristics, which has changed the connection mode of information and applications, and will accelerate the transformation of the Internet from "information internet" to "value Internet". Take the water payment system as an example. At present, the payment system includes the payment system of the water company, public payment platform, intermediary business platform, channel access platform, Alipay and wechat payment platform, settlement bank, etc. it has many interfaces, low efficiency and poor security. Because the whole system is a "series" structure, once a unit fails, the whole system will be interrupted or crashed.
        The blockchain system is a "parallel" structure, which can realize the independent operation of water companies, cooperative banks, wechat, Alipay, UnionPay and other nodes. All parties to the transaction can query the transaction information on the "blockchain distributed ledger". This technology can also be used to prevent the false issuance or falsification of VAT invoices. "However, blockchain cannot be used for blockchain." Tan Min said frankly that not all information systems are applicable to blockchain. If a city builds multiple blockchain application systems, it will build tens of millions of isolated LANs, which will significantly increase the cost of participating enterprises. Tan min revealed that relying on existing network resources and provincial and municipal data centers, China is currently building a cross public network, cross regional and cross institutional blockchain underlying public infrastructure and open source development platform, so that enterprise technicians who do not understand blockchain programming language can apply blockchain like ordinary people using Windows system.
        It is reported that 55 urban blockchain public infrastructure nodes have been completed or are being deployed in China, and it is planned to complete the deployment of 200 urban infrastructure nodes by the end of 2020. (Liu Tianzong, Zuo Chen, Cheng Yingji, Li Dan).
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