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Starting from the weak links of social governance, Tianjin University is ready to explore the way of science and technology blockchain laboratory

Time : 01/08/2021 Author : 0skpmx Click : + -
        The COVID-19 in 2020 is a test of the country's social governance mechanism, public health prevention and control system, and the economic foundation of people's livelihood. It also tests the strength and resilience of every Chinese. Every day, it is bombarded by massive epidemic information, or sad, or helpless, or moved. Epidemic prevention and control often requires multi-party participation and collaboration, and the sharing efficiency of epidemic related information is the basis for accurate, efficient and collaborative prevention and control of the epidemic. As a general ledger system with multi-party participation in bookkeeping, blockchain will be the best choice to build an epidemic information sharing system. Hospitals are the main battlefield of the current "epidemic". The Cross Hospital sharing of case information, clinical data, diagnosis and treatment plans, drugs used, drug efficacy, process progress and other information of each confirmed patient can provide more case samples and diagnosis and treatment references for hospitals, and doctors can choose a better treatment plan based on a rich database.
        Realizing distributed deployment through blockchain is the best choice to build a hospital information sharing platform. Because the information on the chain cannot be tampered with, the authenticity and credibility of the information can be guaranteed. Each hospital can be used as an independent node in the chain to input and obtain information, which will greatly extend the tentacles of the hospital and improve the efficiency of medical information interaction. At the same time, it can open nodes to the health and Family Planning Commission, medical laboratories, scientific research institutions and other institutions to summarize and analyze all data information, provide real data support for epidemic prevention and control and epidemic research, overcome the epidemic in a more efficient way, effectively improve the cooperation ability of relevant medical institutions in the whole society, realize collaborative operations, and realize the overall control of the epidemic.
        Because patient information and other data belong to private data, it is not suitable for the whole network to be disclosed, and the relevant data and information can be encrypted through blockchain, and the acquisition and use of data and information can be controlled through private key authorization, so as to avoid the risk of relevant data being used commercially. The grass-roots community is the core force that cannot be obtained in the current epidemic prevention and control stage. It not only needs to monitor and track the health status of each household in the community and the returning personnel, but also needs to ensure the supply of daily necessities for community residents. The arduous workload goes without saying. Blockchain can be applied in community residents and return personnel information registration, mask appointment, health check-in, prevention and control planning, etc.
        Community residents can log in to the blockchain platform through QR code, fill in personal basic information and travel information based on the blockchain platform, or make an appointment to buy masks, so as to realize the whole process of non-contact management, and avoid cross infection caused by queuing for paper touch registration or purchasing masks. In addition, the blockchain platform can open nodes to health departments or nearby medical institutions, so that users on the chain can share the latest epidemic information in real time to avoid possible panic caused by rumors. At the same time, through the "big data" integration of scattered data on the chain, more targeted community prevention and control programs can be formulated. For example, compare the traffic information of community residents or returning personnel with the travel trajectories of confirmed patients or close contacts released by the health department, designate key community monitoring personnel, and improve the accuracy of community prevention and control.
        Based on blockchain technology, permission setting, encrypted transmission, role access control of data collection, storage, use and other links can be achieved, which can maximize the privacy protection of community residents. In order to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 and maintain stable economic operation and social harmony and stability, the government is orderly promoting the resumption of work and production of various enterprises on the premise of ensuring that the epidemic work is done well. Relying on blockchain technology, build an e-government service platform. Enterprises that resume work and production apply for the resumption of work and production information based on the platform on the chain. Relevant departments can realize the orderly resumption of work and production of enterprises under their jurisdiction based on the needs of people's livelihood and economic development. At the same time, in order to implement the main responsibility of enterprise prevention and control, the enterprise can report the information of prevention and control material reserves, the implementation of prevention and control measures, the health status of resumption personnel and so on in real time through the chain platform during production. Because the information on the chain can not be tampered with and behavior level certificates, the supervision department can track the epidemic prevention and control of the enterprise in time, without worrying about the possible forgery, tampering, and concealment of real data.
        The functional departments of the government carry out overall control and comprehensive scheduling of the economy and people's livelihood through the integration and analysis of the epidemic prevention and control data of enterprises in the region under their jurisdiction, material supply and demand information, production conditions of resumption enterprises and other relevant data. At the same time, we should adjust the pace of restoring normal economic and social order through the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in the resumption of work enterprises to ensure that the epidemic is under control. By providing effective technical means and management mechanisms for the open sharing, review, supervision and management of different functional departments, we can realize the intelligent "non-contact" administrative approval and supervision in the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, ensure the efficiency of administrative approval and normal operation order of enterprises returning to work, and realize the scientific and orderly resumption of work.
        Tianjin University Haopu technology blockchain laboratory expects to start with the weak links of social governance, solve practical problems with blockchain technology, adhere to the development idea of deep integration of industry, University and research, transform the scientific research achievements of colleges and universities into productivity that can drive economic development and fulfill social responsibilities, and contribute to the improvement of epidemic prevention and control system and social governance mechanism. At present, due to the COVID-19, blockchain technology has enriched our means of digital prevention and control, but digital prevention and control cannot be achieved in an island situation, and its power can only be exerted through sharing. Relying on blockchain technology to establish a true and credible information sharing system in different fields is of visible significance to improve the collaborative efficiency of multiple participants in epidemic prevention and control and to firmly win the confidence in the fight against COVID-19 prevention and control.
        At this moment, in the process of epidemic prevention and disaster resistance, application examples such as the blockchain based epidemic prevention material information system and the charity tracing system let us personally experience the application value of blockchain in social governance. The drums of war are beating, and the blockchain is in action!.
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