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Time : 13/07/2021 Author : cd2bpe Click : + -
        This morning, I saw a news that the DAPP application on EOS made a mistake in airdrop, and the sponsor actually took back the airdrop, but the relevant people in the account didn't know, which is not good news. Therefore, the technology development of blockchain is still at a very early stage, and there is still much to be done and improved in the future market environment. You can pay attention to one recently. Hello, friends! I'm very glad to come to [talk again] and share with you some knowledge and skills you need to master to learn value investment. We learned K-line, K-line combination and K-line form in the early stage. In this period, we learned the technical index - moving average.
        Before learning the moving average, let's have an overall understanding of the technical indicators. Technical index points. Recognize the relationship between yourself and assets. Sometimes there must be a hit, and don't force it whenever you hit. Yes or no, in fact, is the specific embodiment of "property rights" in economics. I believe that smart you will not only know what it is, but also why it is, and you will have a more thorough observation of things after an in-depth analysis of the three links of property rights, namely, the right to use, the right to benefit, and the right to transfer. Good things people. The so-called "technology control" refers to people who believe in technology, use technology, and study technology. Their performance characteristics are as follows: first, they have deep faith in emerging technologies.
        This group of people like learning and have a strong curiosity about the future of mankind. So once a new technology appears, it will be very sensitive to catch it, fully affirm the mainstream direction of the new technology, and give package to the existing defects. On September 15, the second session of the global blockchain investor brand salon series jointly hosted by hanglian finance, Taurus and gbls was successfully held at Crowne Plaza Shanghai. The brand salon takes the core concept of "new engine, new vision" as the starting point, and aims to explore and develop through in-depth contact with industry leaders and senior practitioners for high-quality blockchain projects. Billions of planet babies: Hello everyone! In the morning, I browsed the blockchain international news and saw that ripple, the value currency we commented on earlier, had another big move. I translated it and shared it with you immediately.
        It seems that no matter how depressed the market is, ripple is steadily promoting its xcurrent and xrap to global commercial banks. In early June, EOS, which was expected by 10000 people, was finally launched on the main network. This cryptocurrency raised $4billion through ICO for up to one year. Emingü, Professor of Cornell University; Nsirer believes that this is the root cause of its possible major exchange attacks in the next year. He said: "next year, there will be a large-scale exchange attack, attackers... On September 10, teacher Ma Yun suddenly announced his resignation, that is, from September 10 next year, Mr. Ma Yun will no longer serve as chairman of the board of directors, and the current CEO Zhang Yong will take over. After that, Mr. Ma Yun will continue to serve as a member of the board of directors of Alibaba group until the 2020 Alibaba annual general meeting.
        Ren Zhengfei, 74, zongqinghou, 73, 72.
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