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China ASEAN blockchain application innovation laboratory established

Time : 03/02/2022 Author : 43au0v Click : + -
        China — The ASEAN blockchain application innovation laboratory was jointly established by China Dongxin, China Resources Group, Xiaomi finance and China Academy of communications and communications. The laboratory will closely focus on China — The actual and potential needs of the construction of ASEAN Information Port and digital Guangxi, with the integration and innovation of blockchain technology and industrial Internet as the main line, build an independent and controllable open platform for the underlying engine of blockchain: China — Baas platform of ASEAN blockchain. China — Lu Dongliang, President of ASEAN Information Port Co., Ltd., said: "(we) actively explore innovative applications in digital economy scenarios such as blockchain + supply chain finance, blockchain + data trading, blockchain + cross-border settlement, blockchain + enterprise credit investigation, output replicable and scalable blockchain industrial innovation benchmark cases, and strive to build into an autonomous region level and national innovation laboratory.
        ”。 Due to its endogenous trust mechanism, blockchain has become the cornerstone of digital economy and digital society, and plays a key role in the new generation of integrated information technology. China — The ASEAN blockchain application innovation laboratory will strengthen cooperation with top scholars and institutions in the industry to jointly tackle key problems, form an autonomous and controllable blockchain underlying technology, provide governments and enterprises with services such as testing and certification of blockchain innovative applications and products, standard development, incubation drive, pilot demonstration and professional talent training, and promote the progress of Guangxi blockchain technology. Xi Yang, Secretary of the Party group and director of the big data Development Bureau of the autonomous region, said: "the big data Bureau of the autonomous region will actively provide policy guidance, demonstration and promotion services, promote the deep integration of blockchain and economic society, and work together to create a new engine for the economic development of digital Guangxi.
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