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How can blockchain empower manufacturing?

Time : 25/05/2022 Author : vw47h2 Click : + -
        As a digital technology, blockchain, which took the lead in the financial field, has been extended to many industrial fields such as the Internet of things, intelligent manufacturing and supply chain management. In the future, industrial development in more fields will be enabled. How can blockchain enable the development of manufacturing industry?. In the past, when doing equipment testing, customers didn't trust the testing center, and appointed specialists to supervise the site, then travel costs, employment costs, time costs and so on are huge waste of resources. After the equipment is networked, the machinery industry enters the blockchain, which can not only collect monitoring data in real time, but also, more importantly, the original data can be traced and the report can be verified. In fact, the application of blockchain technology on the industrial Internet platform is building a huge "industrial credit network" for the transformation and development of traditional manufacturing industry.
        With the transformation of manufacturing industry to digitalization, a large number of intelligent devices will form a massive flow of information. How to ensure the security of online data is concerned by more and more manufacturing enterprises. Blockchain technology has the advantages of high transparency and tamper proof, which just realizes the effective control of intelligent devices. With the "blessing" of blockchain, the security of the project system has been improved by more than 70%. In the traditional networking mode, the communication between all devices must be realized through the centralized data center, which not only increases the networking cost, but also has poor scalability and stability. Blockchain technology can distribute computing and storage requirements among various devices, which not only significantly reduces the maintenance cost of the data center, but also effectively prevents the risk of any single node being maliciously manipulated, and realizes the transparency and traceability of the whole process.
        It is worth mentioning that. Various life service projects launched by the chain trust platform provide many conveniences for people's life. It is convenient not only in shopping, but also in commenting, taking a taxi, offline businesses online, etc.
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