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Is the closure of blockchain media XiaoCong app a financing problem or something else?

Time : 19/06/2022 Author : 8u9yhw Click : + -
        According to block rhythm, on the evening of April 14, two screenshots circulated in the community showed that the Agricultural Bank of China was conducting an internal test of the wallet of the central bank's digital currency DCEP. This news should be the first big news for the block industry where bitcoin plummeted at the beginning of 2020. This is another phased progress of DCEP since huangqifan, vice president of the China Center for international economic exchanges, formally proposed the concept of central bank digital currency in his speech on October 28, 2019. However, it is still in the stage of internal testing, and users who do not enter the white list cannot register. According to the previously proposed concept, DCEP (digitalcurrencyelectronicpayment, full name "digital currency electronic payment") is a new encrypted electronic currency system based on blockchain technology, which will replace M0 (RMB circulation). It has exactly the same attribute and function as paper money. No Chinese institution or individual can refuse to accept DCEP.
        At the same time, DCEP adopts "double offline payment", and both sides of the transaction are offline, and the transaction can also occur. At present, it is reported that Chengdu, Shenzhen, xiong'an and Suzhou are the first test sites for dceo. At the same time, Tencent and Alibaba, two Internet giants, have also participated in DCEP. According to the report of the science and technology innovation board daily on the 14th, the shallot app announced this afternoon that due to the company's cash flow problems, it would stop updating from now on, and all accounts would be transferred to Wall Street for information, and the team would be dissolved. It is reported that XiaoCong app is a blockchain media incubated internally by Wall Street. It has received investments from Huo coin ecology, Tongzhou capital, return fund, OK capital, Silicon Valley Deding innovation fund, etc. in May 2019, XiaoCong officially announced the completion of the first round of financing, with a cumulative financing amount of 10million RMB.
        As of that time, XiaoCong's news aggregator had more than 1million independent visitors, a total of 300000 + app registered users, and an installation base of 820000. Judging from user comments, XiaoCong did not issue money and did not help the project site "cut leeks", so users generally liked it. Due to the sudden incident, the shallot website and app can be accessed and registered normally in the morning, but in the afternoon, the official apologized and announced the closure. At present, there are different opinions in the industry about the reason why it claims to be "caused by capital flow problems". There is a saying that there is a direct reason for the collapse of shallot and Wall Street's knowledge that it was blocked in mid-2019, and it is difficult to refinance after the flow of shallot was halved; There is also a saying that the development cost of the similar routes taken by XiaoCong, such as information + flow liquidation and online aggregation trading, is too high, and the 10million yuan of the first round of financing is difficult to support. "The unsuccessful commercialization route" has also become one of the reasons for the decline of XiaoCong.
        As a special day for Christians to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus, Easter is also one of the important festivals in the West. At present, several large digital currency exchanges such as coin security and OK have not launched corresponding welfare activities. As a global exchange, kucoin directly posted the Easter egg activity on its official website this Easter, presumably to take care of the mood of overseas users, but domestic users can also participate. It is reported that kumex global station provided 20000usdt activity bonus for kumex users on Easter. Users only need to conduct usdt contract transactions and click the "share" button on the position page to have the opportunity to trigger the Easter egg division prize pool. For more details, please add kucoin06.
        All users of kumex can participate, and the event will last for five days from April 14 to April 19, 2020. In general, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to collect wool. Take a fight, and turn a bicycle into a motorcycle; You will become rich sooner or later.
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