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Zero one universe Shangguan Yun: the meta universe needs the consciousness and rules of social governance

Time : 15/10/2021 Author : kmy7ea Click : + -
        During the interview between Shangguan Yun, CEO of zero one universe (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "zero one universe") and chain news, she repeatedly mentioned that "all digital innovation and virtual innovation serve the real economy", "the ecological construction of blockchain and meta universe should have the awareness and rules of social governance", and at the same time, she constantly talked about the vision of zero one universe &mdash& mdash; "Use technology to promote social equity, trustworthiness and sustainable development". Although in shangguanyun's view, the setting of this vision is somewhat "special" in a technology company. With regard to the positioning of zero one universe in the industry, Shangguan Yun said that zero one universe hopes to be an operator and service provider of digital asset management of meta universe and become an entrance and bridge for users to enter meta universe.
        Founded in 2020, zero one universe is a technology company jointly sponsored by Shanghai tree blockchain Research Institute, which provides data trusted governance and digital asset management products and technologies based on blockchain and privacy computing technology. Based on the tree graph consensus algorithm, the company launched the alliance chain platform "Guangjian chain". At present, there are complete product solutions in the direction of digital asset depository in urban public assets, industry, culture and other fields. As the CEO of zero one universe, shangguanyun studied information security at Shanghai Jiaotong University with a bachelor's degree, and then obtained a master's degree in information security from the Royal Swedish Institute of technology and an MBA from Fudan University.
        Shangguanyun has won a number of physics, mathematics and scientific and technological innovation awards. He is one of the first members of the "cattle plan" of Shanda network. He once served as the co-founder of fanwang and the senior vice president of China national brand network. He has more than 10 years of experience in science and technology and the Internet. Shangguanyun: I studied information security, focusing on cryptography from the beginning. But at first, it was only understood as a Utopia of technology, and there was not much expectation. In 2017, domestic blockchain technology began to popularize. I think blockchain is a very new direction, and it has both the gene of technology and the gene of the Internet, so I think this may be my next opportunity to start.
        Shangguanyun: the English name of zero one universe is bitverse, "zero one" represents 0 and 1, which is the basic particle of the bit world and the smallest unit of the digital world. We believe that the zero one universe will become the infrastructure for the interconnection of the digital world in the future. The original intention of establishing zero one universe is to innovate in domestic digital upgrading through the structural mode of blockchain. We hope to change the production mode and distribution relationship of the existing industrial Internet and consumer Internet. Shangguanyun: first, several backbones in our team have rich experience in the Internet industry and entertainment industry. Second, we realize that in the field of cultural creation, the production and distribution of its original creators and publishers are related to a time of change, and there are some opportunities for innovation.
        Shangguanyun: "Guangjian collector" is a digital collection platform built in cooperation with Alibaba auction ecological partners. It includes the deposit of certificates, the listing of products, the transaction flow and delivery of products from the IP party. So far, 100 + IP parties have cooperated, with an average daily turnover of 500 + pieces, the transaction price ranging from several hundred to tens of thousands, the cumulative number of deposit users is tens of thousands, and the concurrent TPS capacity of the platform is 100000. Shangguanyun: it has accelerated our business layout in the TOC direction. Originally, our idea was to build a personal digital asset safe. The popularity of the meta universe has accelerated the popularity of "digital assets", and digital collections are very intuitive as an entry-level category of digital assets. We are determined to launch products faster.
        Shangguanyun: we understand the basic core of the meta universe. The first is the technology base. Now many technology-based companies such as chips, virtual engines and ar/vr are entering the market. On top of the technology base, there are two key elements. One is governance rules. Everyone's imagination and sustenance of the meta universe is to build a new "digital society", which requires "social rules" to adapt to the meta universe. The other is the asset level. There will be many metauniverses in the future, of which 2/3 of the cost will be spent on the production of display materials, resulting in a waste of resources to a certain extent. A more suitable solution is for users to enter different meta universes with their personal assets and data preferences to interact.
        The digital collection happens to be the key to enter the meta universe. The role we want to play is to provide users with technical services for the custody and circulation of assets, and use smart contracts to implement some important "governance rules" and "agreements". This is also one reason why we have entered the field of digital collections. Shangguan Yun: there are solutions for cross chain, both technically and in the application layer. But at this stage, we hope to run horses and enclosure by making the bottom. But our mentality should be relatively open. On the one hand, we hope you can use "Guangjian chain", because its concurrency, stability and security can stand the test.
        On the other hand, we will launch multiple products at the application level to support users' cross chain interaction. At present, we are communicating and cooperating with multiple platforms to help users realize cross chain. Users can take "Guangjian chain" as an entrance and exit of the metauniverse. Shangguanyun: we will deeply participate in the construction of the metauniverse, but we have no plan to build a complete metauniverse at present. Our positioning is more about the infrastructure service provider of the meta universe: on the one hand, we provide digital creation tools for creators; On the other hand, it is to connect different platforms to realize the interoperability of digital assets. Shangguanyun: metauniverse is an industry combining virtual and real. We believe that all digital innovation and virtual innovation serve the real economy.
        We believe that it is of positive significance for us to do the interconnection of the digital world to enable creation and innovation of the commodity economy; At the same time, we have undertaken many demands from the government and large state-owned enterprises for digital transformation. At present, a lot of work has been done in the digital direction of physical cities. Shangguanyun: at present, we have undertaken the construction of a digital city in a certain area of Wuhan. This project is a good opportunity to take out our technical reserves and accumulation. We use blockchain and edge nodes to build a set of data "nervous system", and use edge side privacy boxes to connect thousands of Internet of things devices such as cameras and sensors deployed in the city, and cooperate with the data center to form a set of governance platform that can upload and distribute data, so as to make urban data-based decisions It is a rare complete scenario practice to provide support for multi department data fusion and governance.
        Among them, we also learned the "governance rules" and humanistic thinking that need to be considered in the management and operation of real cities, which can also be used for reference in digital cities. Shangguanyun: in the past, smart cities were built in blocks, and various departments had independent needs and plans, focusing on the laying of basic intelligent devices, but the collected and accumulated data was difficult to be reused, let alone interconnected. Nowadays, smart cities are more planning and collaborative. Through blockchain, privacy computing, edge computing and other combined technology tools, zero one universe has created a "digital base" and scene drawer that can meet the needs of multi-department management, with the supply capacity of intelligent transportation, parking, lighting, tracking, environmental monitoring and other multi-functional application distribution and data transmission. The formed urban data "nervous system" has become the key underlying support of the urban level virtual reality platform.
        Shangguanyun: we have launched the function of a demonstration area, and the operation effect is very good. This system builds a visual online city from two aspects. One is from the management side, involving public security, traffic control, power departments, etc., that is, the main management departments of the city can visually touch and control the operation status of the city online. The other is the visualization of the citizen side, and the product is currently under development. Shangguanyun: the management department can intuitively understand the operation status of all links of the city in the central console, and quickly issue management tasks. For example, the street lamp in one place is broken, or the camera fails, and the manhole cover is displaced. It is intuitively seen in the online system, and tasks are quickly distributed for maintenance through this system, and all progress and effects are intuitively visible.
        For citizens, if your mobile phone runs out of power on the road, you can easily find a service point on the roadside, on which there will be a charging port to help solve the emergency charging needs. Or, on the future intelligent road, there are sensors and data hubs specially set up for automatic driving, which need to interact with intelligent devices such as cars and traffic lights, so as to safely identify the identity of intelligent devices and transmit reliable signals, so as to improve the intelligent water level and citizen service ability of the whole city. It is a set of infrastructure completely built for the future city. Shangguanyun: any market, especially the vast theme of pixel universe, will definitely have a lot of momentum in the early stage. Only with sufficient momentum can an industry fully flourish.
        Moreover, the meta universe is a TOC direction, and there will be excessive momentum and foam in the early stage. When the foam bursts, the real precipitation of the market and the emergence of products representing the future pattern will be achieved. Shangguanyun: foreign metauniverse is more in terms of interactive social networking and distributed governance directly facing the C-end, and domestic still emphasizes the underlying technologies and innovative products that support the development of metauniverse. Although foreign countries started to lay out the meta universe first, I believe that the Chinese people are very capable of application and innovation. Therefore, once the policy is clear, China's innovation and iterative evolution in the meta universe will be very fast. Shangguanyun: first, because metauniverse is a TOC market, I think to be a metauniverse, we must have the thinking and ability of urban and ecological operation.
        Second, the meta universe platform needs the ability of IP creation and distribution for many times, as well as technical product support. Companies like Disney have a rich IP and derivative distribution foundation. If they want to do metauniverse, it should be much easier; Of course, the zero one universe will become an important help for many partners to move towards the meta universe. Shangguanyun: the speed of technological development is faster and faster than before. I believe that AR and VR products serving metauniverse will be launched in 2022. As far as we know, many companies in the industry are already doing it. Although this year's product may still not be particularly satisfactory, it will be a more mature form in five years.
        Shangguanyun: the biggest challenge is now the whole industry. There are many things that are not clear, such as the regulatory attitude, the market pattern, etc; And the industry has been hot, there will be a period of noise and chaos. For us, we must rationally choose the direction of our resources and energy investment, make a breakthrough in oneortwo points, stand on the boosting position of the industry, and cooperate widely to raise barriers. This is a suitable choice for an emerging technology company.
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