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Blockchain daily Ernst & Young announced the launch of blockchain audit technology

Time : 14/02/2022 Author : ml2d1t Click : + -
        Due to the popularity of blockchain technology, enterprises in various industries have joined, and the blockchain industry has become more prosperous due to the participation of a large number of enterprises. District 31 will deliver industry information to blockchain practitioners and users in the form of daily reports, so that everyone can understand the blockchain industry from multiple levels and dimensions, so as to make their own correct judgments. On April 24, zone 31, issued a document saying that although the development scale of blockchain is not very large at present, some investment institutions have paid close attention to and made capital layout in recent years. Among them, some companies with fast practical application are generally favored by institutions. As investors, we should pay more attention to companies with fast landing applications and good performance development.
        According to the South China Morning Post, BOC Hong Kong is using blockchain technology. The bank's general manager of information technology said that the bank has used blockchain technology to handle 85% of the real estate valuation related to mortgages, as well as an increasing number of trade financing transactions. Bank of China Hong Kong is currently joining the blockchain trade financing platform composed of four other major banks. Zone 31, April 24: Sina Weibo CEO Wang Gaofei said: the DCI system recently cited by Sina Weibo in cooperation with the China Copyright Protection Center actually uses blockchain technology. At present, some of our large original content platforms have formed alliances. In the way of private chains, users produce content and declare it as the content owner in the alliance. These companies can trace back to him as the original producer.
        In this way, cross platform rights protection is well documented. (Sina Finance). District 31, April 24 news today, the official website of the National Audit Office of the people's Republic of China published an article entitled "some ideas on the application of" blockchain "technology in big data audit", which pointed out that the future big data audit work will be composed of blocks of provincial (municipal) audit offices, internal audit institutions of various departments, and chains generated by auditors' operation timestamps. The audit office will verify and store data based on the block chain data structure, use the distributed node consensus algorithm to generate and update data, use the encryption and decryption algorithm to ensure the security of data transmission and access, and use the smart contract composed of automated script code to program and operate data.
        Of course, the above assumption is only limited to the preliminary idea of technology. The real application also requires extensive, in-depth and careful demonstration and research at the legal and practical levels, hoping to attract more theoretical attention and empirical research, and promote big data audit to achieve breakthrough and leapfrog development. Zone 31, April 24, according to bravenewcoin, research shows that the market valuation of bitcoin ransomware is about $12.8 million, indicating that the actual financial impact of bitcoin ransomware attacks is at its lowest level. The researchers also stressed that although the media exaggerated the actual market scale of extortion payment, the losses caused by extortion software to individual and institutional victims far exceeded the market scale of the software itself, so this problem still needs to be paid attention to.
        District 31, April 24, according to slashgear, Atlanta government officials have spent more than $2.5 million to recover websites attacked by mining hackers. On March 22, Atlanta's information system was attacked by mining hackers, who asked to pay $51000 worth of bitcoin to restore the system, but officials refused. On April 24, 31, it was reported that johnpfeffer, a partner of pfeffercapital, said at the 23rd Sohn investment conference that digital currency is "the first investment target that may replace gold". He added that bitcoin was superior to gold "at all levels".
        Pfeffer believes that bitcoin has a lot of room for development in countries with poor legal currency performance. If bitcoin can replace 25% of foreign exchange reserves, the value of the digital currency network will rise to $6.4 trillion. District 31, April 24: Martin middot, a British financial journalist and savings expert; Lewis will file a lawsuit against Facebook in the High Court on Monday, April 23, accusing the social network of fraudulent cryptocurrency advertising. Lewis will file a lawsuit against the company, claiming that last year, the social platform published more than 50 cryptocurrency advertisements, which illegally used his image and name to promote products.
        He said that these advertisements are usually accompanied by the slogan of getting rich quick. (SkyNews)。 Zone 31, April 24, according to media reports, South Korea's Deputy Minister of science, technology, information and communication Kim Yong Jin recently said that we must have a sense of crisis about the emergence of alternative payment means that threaten the potential of currency status, such as digital currency. Last year, he judged that the speculative enthusiasm of digital currency had been relatively stable, and said that the government would actively cultivate blockchain technology. 6. Wal Mart executives: blockchain technology will be applied to Wal Mart online day news frankyiannas, vice president of food safety and health of Wal Mart, said at the block chain business conference of the Massachusetts Institute of technology on Monday that Wal Mart is ready to use blockchain technology to carry out its offline food business.
        Blockchain can shorten the product tracking time from 6 days to 2 seconds. Zone 31, April 24 - the Russian cryptocurrency and blockchain Association recently said that Russia attracted $300million in ICO funds last year, but half of the funds were used in Ponzi schemes. The organization represents the cryptocurrency community in Russia and is currently developing an ICO standard to help investors distinguish between real projects and fraudulent projects. The scale of Russian ICO accounts for 10% of global ICO. (BitcoinNews)。 On April 24, district 31, Ernst & Young announced the launch of the eyblockchainanalyzer pilot, a set of blockchain audit technology that enhances the ability to conduct in-depth reviews of cryptocurrency business transactions.
        The patented technology aims to provide support for the ey team in performing corporate audits using cryptocurrencies, and will lay the foundation for the company to use blockchain technology to test blockchain assets, liabilities, equity and smart contracts. Currently, it supports the review of BTC, ETH, BCH and LTC. (PRNewswire)。
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