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The world cup is approaching, and the prediction currency is flying on the wind

Time : 27/07/2021 Author : iugqtd Click : + -
        Blockchain has always been popular, with various projects standing on the wind. In the currency circle, in addition to bitcoin, which is the largest player in the market value list, the currency of recent guessing and forecasting is particularly eye-catching. Because &mdash& mdash; The world cup is coming. As a super event of global carnival, the world cup has an endless stream of merchants who sell, hype and rub the heat. Currency circles are no exception. Currencies related to guessing and market forecasting stand on the dual tuyere of blockchain + World Cup. These coins mainly include the following types. Just in April, wicc of Wiki chain made rapid progress, rising from the bottom of 2 yuan (RMB, the same below) to 17 yuan on May 6. As of May 10, the increase was 284%, nearly tripling.
        Wikilink is a complete smart contract platform that supports Turing. It uses smart contracts to solve the credit problems, high profits, lack of product types and other pain points of traditional quiz platforms, and automatically distributes quiz results. At the same time, wikilink pioneered a fee sharing model in the industry. Every round of guessing and game application games will generate a 1% fee. Wikilink said that all these fees will be distributed to all wikicoin holders as dividends. In addition to the value of the currency, wikilink provides a stable way to benefit, which is conducive to encouraging investors to reduce the operation of "selling high and absorbing low", and may improve the bad atmosphere of speculation in the currency circle.
        SOC reached about 1.7 yuan on May 10 from 0.25 yuan in the broken state in early April. As of May 10, SOC has increased by 1080% in the past month, nearly ten times. Because he dominated the list in Huo coin Pro for several days in early May, he was called "demon coin". Similar to wiki chain, allsports said that their public chain takes SOC as the medium, uses blockchain technology, combines applications and business scenarios on the sports industry and sports ecological chain, and establishes smart contracts. Once the guessing is completed and the results are released, and the trigger conditions are met, the smart contracts can be automatically executed to complete the delivery of the registration. Allsports has 50million user groups and is a currency with landing applications.
        At present, the market value ranks 92nd, with a circulation market value of 1.256 billion, a total circulation of 600million and a total issuance of 1.5 billion. August is the first application built on Ethereum. It is a decentralized prediction market, and the token is Rep. There will be a question here, what is the forecast market?. The method of encouraging the group to predict something is called predicting the market. There are mainly two traditional scientific prediction methods, one is to use statistical and mathematical models for prediction, and the other is to use big data and machine learning for prediction. Both methods rely on past data and have certain limitations. In recent years, the prediction market using social analysis has become the third prediction method after statistical model and machine learning. The prediction market uses the market incentive mechanism, so that the public can contribute their own experience and wisdom, and collect market information to help people make decisions.
        The use of blockchain data, network wide consensus, tamper proof and other characteristics will attract more users to participate. On August, people can create a prediction market for topics they are interested in (such as which team will win the world cup) and provide initial liquidity, which is a decentralized process. Augur is a famous prediction product of Ethereum, and now it has been launched on a well-known exchange. However, the biggest problem at present is that the product is relatively complex, and when a large number of predicted events are created, the processing efficiency of the platform is very low. Even after the predicted event really happens, it still takes a long time to get the final result. As of May 10, rep increased by 48% in one month, ranking 50th in market value, with a circulation market value of 3.4 billion, a total circulation of 11million and a total issuance of 11million.
        Kongmingwu KMC is different from Ethereum based DAPP. It is an application based on ashy chain, and has the characteristics of open source, autonomy, distributed storage, openness and transparency, token incentives and so on. The biggest difference between kongmingwu and Ethereum based applications is that its data is stored in an independent blockchain, which is similar to side chain applications, rather than shared with other applications, and is not attached to other blockchain systems. Although the algorithm of Ashi chain may have advantages in technology, the reputation of Ashi chain cannot be compared with Ethereum at present. At present, kongmingwu has opened the public beta version of the web page, and is also developing the mobile terminal. Bodhi (BOT) is also a decentralized prediction market based on blockchain. Through tokenization, communitization and autonomy, it solves the disadvantages of the traditional centralized prediction market, such as poor user autonomy and capital security, and high maintenance and supervision costs.
        The white paper mentioned that Bodhi is committed to creating a transparent, credible, autonomous and expandable global forecasting market, and making the predicted information truly valuable and influential to the society through the wisdom of the group. Bodhi is deployed based on quantum chain, and launched decentralized Oracle (Oracle) based on voting. Through the third-party Oracle to automatically judge the event, so as to improve the judgment efficiency. Even if the third-party Oracle crashes, token holders can also exercise their voting rights to make a final decision on the event. It is reported that the beta version of Bodhi prediction market has been officially launched on the main network of quantum chain on April 23, more than months after the original white paper route, and it is also the world's first decentralized prediction market platform launched on the main network.
        As of May 10, Bodhi has increased by 339% in the past month, ranking 234 in market value, with a circulation market value of 289million, a total circulation of 40million and a total issuance of 100million. Gnosis is a decentralized forecasting market based on Ethereum protocol. Its founder comes from other forecast market teams including augur, and its consulting team includes Ethereum founder V God. Gnosis said that it provides an open platform for people to predict the results of any event, simplifying the creation process of customized prediction market applications. At the same time, Gnosis said that they made use of the characteristics of blockchain trust machine and automatic execution of smart contracts, so that players can enter the prediction market more flexibly and freely, which has brought more imagination space to the prediction market.
        In the future, participants in gnosis do not even need to be natural persons. In the Internet of things, the information collected by sensors can also be easily entered into the blockchain as an information asset for trading. Gnosis products are relatively slow to launch, but Oracle Oracle Oracle is also launched, which can automate the determination of predicted events and improve the efficiency of event determination. In this regard, it is better than augur. As of May 10, Gnosis has increased by 74% in one month, ranking 138 in market value, with a circulation market value of 700million, a total circulation of 1.1046 million and a total issuance of 10million. Delphy is the first blockchain based distributed prediction market in China. It is a light node of Ethereum running on mobile terminals, with social and open source attributes.
        Social attribute is a feature of Delphy mobile application. The chat function provided by Delphy provides users with a platform for social activities. At the same time, Delphy also has some expansion functions, including P2P payment, P2P instant chat, OTC over-the-counter trading, etc. Tiansuan forecast market adopts the dpy reward mechanism of Tiansuan digital currency. As long as you hold dpy currency, you will get dpy. As of May 10, the growth rate of Tiansuan in the past month was 278%. The market value ranks 178, with a total issuance of 100million dpy and a total circulation of 40million dpy. The currencies introduced above are only a small part of many tokens in the guessing and forecasting category, and the increase is generally beyond the normal.
        In the coming period of the world cup, the currency of guessing and forecasting will certainly use all its resources to attract more leeks' eyeballs and wallets.
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