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59 words of coin circle gods list

Time : 09/05/2022 Author : 20riks Click : + -
        The 2018 World Cup in Russia will start on June 14, which is an inevitable war for prediction projects. Who can attract a large number of users to occupy the main market during the world cup, who can survive in the blockchain world and even become a giant in the prediction market. After repeated economic and academic research, scientists have found that once the prediction market is connected with the currency and has sufficient liquidity and trading volume, it has become the most accurate prediction tool in the world. Therefore, the prediction market has become the first field to be embraced by blockchain technology. At present, blockchain prediction market projects can be described as one after another. In addition to the two early foreign well-known projects rep and gno, domestic Bodhi and Delphy have also been known to everyone, as well as the recent surge of wikichain and SOC.
        Now finance and economics has opened the decisive battle of the coin circle gods list, and the world cup is an inventory and prediction project for coin friends, for their reference. Notes on turnover rate: "turnover rate", also known as "turnover rate", refers to the frequency of token turnover in the market within a certain period of time. It is one of the indicators reflecting the liquidity of tokens. Among many tools of technical analysis, turnover index is one of the most important technical indicators to reflect the active degree of market trading. ICO: wiki chain token issue time: 18:00 on December 25th, 2017 (Beijing time), pre-sale for one week. Total amount of wikicurrency (wicc): 210million. A total of 105million wikicoins were issued to the public.
        The officially issued wikicurrency is priced in RMB, settled by BTC and eth, and the price is 2rmb:1wicc. Project Description: wikilink is a complete smart contract platform supporting Turing. Wikilink adopts the consensus mechanism of dpos, with a total of 11 voting nodes, and a new block is generated every 10 seconds. Through the smart contract wiki chain, we can realize rich application scenarios such as asset issuance, quiz application, copyright traceability, mutual insurance, decentralized exchange, cross-border settlement, etc. Wikilink decentralized quiz application is the first smart contract application launched by wikilink team. Each auction is triggered by the application initiator through smart contract transactions.
        Within the time specified in the contract, users can initiate betting contract transactions, and all bidding bets will be recorded on the blockchain browser and will never be tampered with. All wikicoins participating in the quiz will be frozen in the smart contract. When a contest is over, the initiator of the contest will announce the final result of the contest through contract transactions, which will be taken from the official authoritative results. The smart contract will automatically distribute rewards to users who guess correctly according to the final results. Team Introduction: wikilink has a blockchain research, technology and business team of nearly 20 people. The founder is sunyonggang, the first batch of digital currency entrepreneurs and investors in China, who is respected by the industry as the "godfather of Dog Coin".
        Liao Wei, the technical director, is a senior developer of blockchain technology. He is known as one of the founders of China's Ethereum smart mart and is one of the earliest blockchain technology teams in China. Recent performance: wikilink has increased by more than 300% since April 24. During the same period, the capital inflow increased sharply, and the daily turnover was more than 200million yuan. With the good news of the World Cup approaching, the popularity of wicc has only increased.
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