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Qian Hongxing, a famous industrialist, invests in the blockchain company as an enabling entity

Time : 23/11/2021 Author : yzxhgo Click : + -
        After the Spring Festival in 2020, many listed companies invested in blockchain technology companies and arranged blockchain related businesses, including Zhonghe technology, Jihong shares and Guanglianda. China first finance and economics, people's network and other authoritative media reported that China Decoration Construction Co., Ltd. led the investment of Daige information, a well-known blockchain enterprise in Shanghai, to deepen the layout of blockchain industry finance. After three decades of rapid development, the Internet has ushered in a new wave of technology boom, the most representative of which is blockchain. Now, with the support of national policies, all industries and fields are seeking the implementation, application and promotion of blockchain technology. Many industries have enjoyed dividends in this round of technology application.
        Although blockchain investors have different investment purposes, some are for the sake of popularity, some are for the purpose of issuing blockchain concept shares, and some want to really do practical things for the society, the country, and entity enterprises, so that blockchain technology can be truly applied, truly empowered, and truly benefit mankind. It is true that investing in blockchain technology companies has become an upsurge of the times. Qian Hongxing, a famous industrialist who has always been brave in the forefront of reform, deputy director of the municipal special committee of the China Federation of Commerce, President of Anhui Garment Chamber of Commerce, and chairman of Zhonglin Shenghe Industrial Co., Ltd., after many inquiries and comparisons, chose Shenzhen Molian Technology Co., Ltd. for heavy investment, and upgraded to Molian Datong Technology Co., Ltd.
        At present, Maxus blockchain industry has formed an industrial ecosystem integrating platform services, application services and industrial development. As a leading enterprise in the blockchain industry, Maxus Mobile has gradually built a blockchain industry chain integrating blockchain products, cross-border social e-commerce, international media and supply chain finance after years of industry experience. It serves all enterprises and enables the development of all industries. In line with professional people doing professional things, President Qian entrusted the technology development team of Maxus to Zhao Yanying, the former chairman of Maxus, who continued to be the chairman of Maxus. Such an arrangement gives president Qian more time to alliance with real enterprises and use blockchain technology to help them transform, span and redevelop.
        In order to support the rapid transformation of enterprises, President Qian proposed to let technicians customize a core alliance chain of blockchain business collaboration system suitable for the interconnection of ten thousand enterprises. On the one hand, this alliance chain relies on the decentralization and traceability of blockchain to solve the problem of efficient data collaboration between cross enterprise businesses; On the other hand, aiming at data security and business privacy protection in cross enterprise scenarios, the participant authentication and identity management system is introduced to effectively realize data security compliance governance. At the same time, for different business scenarios, it can provide customized on cloud and off cloud alliance networking capabilities according to its private deployment environment, and provide alliance chain solutions that are most suitable for the current situation of customer resources.
        This uses the cross chain system developed by the Molian Maxus technical team in the early years, plus the layout of the alliance chain. In the field of supply chain finance, there are multiple upstream and downstream participants in the supply chain, including multi-level suppliers in the upstream and multi-level distributors in the downstream. Through the alliance chain, they can share information and trust endorsement based on the underlying alliance chain network, so as to achieve lower cost and more efficient financing, So as to realize the core value of the supply chain financial blockchain. What is achieved through the alliance chain is the deposit of certificates. The product traceability information has the characteristics that cannot be tampered with on the chain in the whole process of traceability from the production of goods to the intermediate process, and then to the final audience.
        In the asset securitization scenario, the overall asset securitization process involves multiple stages, and there are multiple participants in each stage. The participants in the same stage have the need to share asset information and process information, and the data information between different stages has the need to be isolated. The multi-channel alliance chain is the best solution to formally solve the pain point of this scenario. In the enterprise level new data collaboration and sharing scenario, the relevant data in a specific field is highly sensitive, and there is also a scenario of multi-party data collaboration. Alliance access guarantees that only data collaborators who have been authenticated can enter the alliance, while multi-channel isolation ensures that only data collaborators have access to relevant sensitive data. It allows users to apply the most advanced alliance chain technology and blockchain technology to their own businesses, achieving the effect of 1+1 greater than 2.
        Accelerate the implementation and application of blockchain in various industries, and bring new opportunities for enterprise business innovation. Let enterprises no longer worry about the difficulty of financing and selling goods.
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