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The 2020 central and new area block chain leaders' Forum of "four seas, one mind and win-win future" came to a successful conclusion

Time : 12/10/2021 Author : 6cfhyj Click : + -
        On the afternoon of July 4, 2020, the 2020 China New Area blockchain Leadership Forum, jointly sponsored by Wanxiang blockchain, Singapore's new Yue University of Social Sciences and Babbitt, came to a successful conclusion. The forum was broadcast live in China and Singapore simultaneously, with the participation of more than 50 well-known blockchain industry experts and front-line practitioners from China and Singapore. They discussed the latest development trends and hottest topics of blockchain in depth, and shared the core technology and latest progress of landmark projects in the blockchain field, which is full of dry goods. This forum has set up 6 expert speeches and 8 round table forums for industry veterans, covering the key topics of the blockchain industry, such as application, security, investment, regulation, etc., analyzing the opportunities and challenges currently facing the blockchain industry, and answering the audience's questions and puzzles about this disruptive new technology.
        In the era of digital economy, blockchain has become an essential basic technology for the upgrading and iteration of commercial industries. How much application potential does blockchain have? What value can it create for the real world? These undoubtedly become the most concerned topics. Dr. Xiao Feng, chairman and general manager of Wanxiang blockchain, took the lead in breaking the topic and delivered a keynote speech entitled "what is the application value of blockchain", pointing out the general direction of blockchain application from the historical height of basic technology development. He believes that the biggest application value of blockchain is to help stakeholders successfully achieve cooperation and restructure production relations at a very low cost. To stimulate this value of blockchain, the key is to realize the integrated innovation of blockchain, which is not only the integration of blockchain technologies such as distributed network, smart contract and consensus mechanism, but also the integration and innovation of blockchain and information digital technologies such as Internet of things, AI and cloud computing.
        In other round table forums on blockchain applications, guests further explained the methodology proposed by President Xiao on how to maximize the value of blockchain in combination with specific application scenarios and landing cases. Due to the relatively mature application of blockchain in the financial field, DFI and supply chain finance have also become high-frequency words discussed by guests. Babbitt and changclip, the founder of the original chain, discussed what other application schemes can be used by defi in addition to LEGO. Financial experts from China and Singapore and the representative project leaders of defi also analyzed the opportunities and challenges facing defi in the defi theme round table forum. In addition, the forum also opened a round table discussion session with the theme of "blockchain + representative landing projects in both countries", showing excellent cases related to blockchain integration and innovation.
        In the round table session, Du Yu, deputy general manager of Wanxiang blockchain, shared the successful experience of Wanxiang blockchain in giving full play to the technical advantages of core blockchain and solving problems in the field of Finance and automobile logistics through solutions such as supply chain financial service platform and chain alliance. One of the most famous advantages of blockchain is the integration of cryptography technology to ensure that the data on the chain is authentic and cannot be tampered with, so as to ensure the security and privacy of data information. However, the news that some blockchain projects have been attacked by hackers and suffered property losses makes the security of blockchain an unavoidable topic. This forum therefore set up two round table forums, and invited professionals such as Wang Qinwen, manager of Web3.0 foundation in China, Jia Yaoqi, technical director of parity Asia, chainlinkcmoadelynzhou, and Dr. Yan Qiang, blockchain security scientist of Weibo, to discuss the value of Web3.0 for protecting data security and privacy and the significance of Oracle for blockchain security audit.
        As a new thing still in the early stage of development, the development and prosperity of the blockchain industry is inseparable from the encouragement and support of capital, so blockchain investment has also attracted a lot of attention recently. In the round table forum of "blockchain investors — — investors entering the market", heads of investment institutions focusing on blockchain such as hashkeycapital, distributed capital and longash shared the criteria for judging blockchain projects and the innovation direction expected by capital from the perspective of investors. They are generally optimistic about projects that can create real value for the real world, and suggest entrepreneurs to find directions that can really give full play to their advantages and improve the professionalism of projects.
        In addition, they also reminded blockchain projects to follow the regulatory policies of various countries, do a good job in compliance, and help investors reduce investment risks, so as to win the favor of investors. However, it is undeniable that the blockchain industry is still in the early stage of development, and regulatory policies and measures need to be improved. Therefore, blockchain regulation is also a major topic on this forum. At the round table forum on regulation, experts and scholars who have studied blockchain regulation issues, such as the founder chairman of the Singapore Association for financial technology and the co chairman of the Singapore blockchain Association, and the visiting professor of Singapore's new Yue University of Social Sciences, focused on sharing Singapore's experience in the construction of regulatory mechanisms and regulatory policy trends.
        Singapore is currently the most active country in the blockchain industry. I believe its regulatory policies and experience will provide a very valuable reference for other countries committed to developing blockchain technology. In addition, this forum also closely followed the hot topic of blockchain related central bank digital currency, and invited Dr. zouchuanwei, chief economist of Wanxiang blockchain, to deliver a related speech. Dr. Zou focused on the construction principle behind the digital currency dp/ec of the people's Bank of China and its potential impact on the monetary system, payment system and RMB internationalization, helping you see more clearly the significance of the central bank's digital currency in improving the quality of the digital era and improving production efficiency.
        Finally, it is worth mentioning that this forum also provides a stage for young entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry of China and Singapore to communicate. Young scholars and entrepreneurs from University blockchain technology community (btcu), Zhejiang University blockchain club, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Xinyue University of Social Sciences shared the charm of blockchain in their eyes, and pointed out the development potential of the blockchain industry from the perspective of young people. Youth is the most sensitive barometer to reflect the wind direction of the times, and it is also a key force to promote the progress of the industry. The younger generation pays so much attention to and embraces blockchain technology, which injects vitality and vigor into the blockchain industry. Let us firmly believe that the future of the blockchain industry will be better.
        Standing in the third decade of the 21st century, at the turning point of the era of science and technology, the 2020 China new area block chain Leadership Forum, with the theme of "one heart for all, win-win future", brings together outstanding experts, scholars and entrepreneurs in the block chain industry of China new area to interpret hot issues in the industry and share the latest information. I hope this forum will benefit you a lot, help you see the future of blockchain and grasp the opportunities of the digital age.
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