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Equity transfer Baoding technology 5-board Huawei 5g, online games tend to be active

Time : 16/01/2022 Author : g405p9 Click : + -
        On November 15, the three major stock indexes fell collectively. The Shanghai index fell -0.64% to close at 2891.34 points, the Shenzhen index fell -1.01% to close at 9647.99 points, and the gem index fell -1.05% to close at 1674.78 points. The market fell below 2900 points, casting a shadow on the future market. Pay attention to catching up with high risks. Shenzhen Datong (000038), Datong trusted alliance chain is an advertising trading platform based on hyperledgerfabric developed by the company in cooperation with Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications. Datong chain integrates the company's traditional advertising business with blockchain technology to build an intelligent, credible and open digital advertising ecosystem, which is an innovative application of blockchain technology in the field of digital media.
        Baoding Technology (002552), 5 days 5 board, equity transfer, Shandong Zhaojin group transferred 29.9% of the company's equity and became the controlling shareholder. Hailianxun (300277), Shenzhen Pangu plans to transfer its 24.8% shares of the company to Hangzhou financial investment. After the transfer is completed, Hangzhou financial investment becomes the largest shareholder, and Hangzhou Municipal People's government holds 100% shares of Hangzhou financial investment. Mcaudi (300341), equity transfer, the controlling shareholder McGrady holdings and the shareholder Hong Kong cooperative bank plan to transfer 28% of the company's shares to China Construction Investment Huake.
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