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Blockchain escort xiong'an New Area builders' wages are "not bad"

Time : 01/07/2021 Author : skl6qj Click : + -
        Blockchain technology is based on the principle of cryptography and consensus mechanism. It is a decentralized distributed ledger database with distinct confidentiality. Since the launch of the blockchain fund management platform in 2017, xiong'an new area has vigorously built the world's first blockchain city. Over the past five years, from the first tree planted and the first building constructed in xiong'an new area to the wages of every builder, xiong'an new area has shown the vitality of blockchain cities everywhere. Recently, the relevant person in charge of xiong'an New Area Digital City company said in an interview with reporters that the construction of the new area is inseparable from every builder of the project construction. The most innovative application of blockchain in xiong'an new area is to ensure that the wages of builders will not be defaulted.
        If the project subcontractor fails to pay the constructor wages on time, the blockchain management platform will start the constructor wage guarantee fund to replace the subcontractor to pay the constructor wages. Since the establishment of xiong'an new area, there has been no case of wage arrears. On November 15, 2018, xiong'an new area opened the first "security fund" for builders' wages, and the security fund of more than 360000 yuan was successfully distributed to 115 builders' wage accounts. "Originally, the subcontractor said that he couldn't pay his salary today. Unexpectedly, at 4:20 p.m., my salary of more than 3000 yuan in October suddenly arrived. Later, I learned that it was the security fund that helped. This system is really good.
        ”Memories of a builder who worked on the Shuangtang township project in Xiong county. In order to protect the labor remuneration rights and interests of builders, xiong'an new area has set up a new area builders' salary guarantee fund on the basis of applying blockchain management project funds. Xiong'an group will invest 10million yuan as the basic guarantee, which will be deposited into the special bank account of "group company constructor salary guarantee", and then require the project participants to pay the guarantee fund according to 0.5% of the project contract price. Each contract does not exceed 3million yuan, which can be paid in recognized non cash ways such as letter of guarantee. When "on the chain" shows that the project participants do not pay wages as agreed, the wage guarantee fund will be automatically enabled one hour later, and the blockchain platform will pay the builders' wages to the designated wage card from the guarantee fund account of xiong'an group, so that the builders' "get something for work" can be cashed in real time.
        After the fact of default is subsequently verified, it will be deducted from the security account paid by the defaulting enterprise, and the integrity points of the defaulting enterprise will be deducted at the same time. By the end of March this year, 300 projects such as Rongxi sewage plant and dashuliu pump station of Baiyangdian Yellow River diversion project had carried out project management and capital flow supervision through the blockchain fund management platform, with a total of 3434 enterprises on the chain, a total of 6370 contracts, a total management capital of 159.531 billion yuan, and a total payment of 39.634 billion yuan; Among them, the funds allocated for labor wages of builders totaled 1.687 billion yuan, benefiting 173200 builders.
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