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"Spark · chain network" empowers Zhigui and brings guomu Huatian to build a blockchain black pig trusted traceability platform

Time : 20/03/2022 Author : i3br8u Click : + -
        Recently, the "guomu black pig trusted traceability platform" built by Xi'an Zhigui Internet Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhigui Technology) and guomu Huatian pastoral Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as guomu Huatian) based on the "spark · chain network" backbone node (Kunshan) was officially launched. The platform is based on the backbone node sub chain of "spark · chain network" and relies on blockchain technology to record in detail the full life cycle data chain of guomu Huatian "Wannan black" brand pigs from farm breeding to market consumption. Consumers can easily obtain the "blockchain ID card" of black pigs by scanning the code on the mobile terminal and enjoy the healthy and delicious Wannan black pork at ease.
        At the same time, with the support of bid identification service, the traceability data written into the blockchain can realize the trusted sharing and exchange between enterprises in the supply chain of breeding, quarantine, slaughtering, transportation and other industries, and the information is safe, transparent, timely and efficient. It is understood that Wannan black pig is a unique local breed in the mountainous areas of Southern Anhui. It has been identified as a national protected variety of livestock and poultry genetic resources by the Ministry of agriculture and is a well deserved national treasure pig breed. On the "guomu black pig credible traceability platform", every node information of every Wannan black pig from birth to its launch can be traced, traceable and tamper proof, which helps to further improve the brand credibility. As a leading technology enterprise in the domestic industrial blockchain, Zhigui technology is committed to promoting the deep integration of blockchain technology and the real economy.
        In the field of traceability, the blockchain trusted traceability platform self-developed by Zhigui technology applies blockchain, Internet of things, big data and other technologies to provide full process customized traceability services for commodities in different industries, realize more refined supply chain management, ensure commodity safety and controllability, and improve brand value. At present, a series of blockchain based solutions and products have been provided for users in agricultural products, medicine, halal certification, Baijiu and other industries to effectively solve the authenticity of traceability information. "Spark • chain network" backbone node (Kunshan) is the first national backbone node in the Yangtze River Delta. Under the overall planning and guidance of the China Academy of ICT and Kunshan Gongxin, Kunshan Telecom and Zhigui cloud chain jointly operate.
        It mainly focuses on the local and surrounding industries in Kunshan, providing basic services such as blockchain, multi ID fusion management, digital identity, trusted sharing of public data, and forming a complete ability to transform technological achievements, support public services, and gather industrial applications. After the completion of this node, a series of demonstration project applications will be built and cultivated in full combination with the local advantageous industries in Kunshan, and the emerging technologies such as blockchain will be promoted to continuously enable industrial scenarios around urban governance, intelligent manufacturing, financial technology, livelihood services and other aspects. The backbone node (Kunshan) will provide a strong starting point for the digital transformation of Kunshan City, and also provide an application bearing platform for Kunshan City to integrate into Shanghai and radiate into the Yangtze River Delta.
        Founded in 2020 with a registered capital of 50million yuan, guomu Huatian animal husbandry technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is located in Kunshan Development Zone. It is a key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization that focuses on the whole industry chain operation of domestic high-quality original black pig variety protection, breeding, intensive breeding, deep-processing products, prefabricated food and characteristic organic catering. The company focuses on the field of black pigs, specializes in the species of black pigs, and explores all possibilities with black pigs. Set up Wannan black brand to provide Chinese people with high-quality meat products; Set up the brand of wubaobang, and work together with many well-known food artists, such as national intangible cultural inheritors, Chinese culinary masters, Michelin star chefs, to jointly inherit Chinese flavor.
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